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Friday, April 2, 2010

Today: The Final Solution

a candid during Victor's birthday :)

after all the late-nights, classes-skipped, assignments rushed,
this is it!

The Final Solution.
One of the very best production we've ever put up so far, I reckon.
(click HERE for all the info you need. amazing site)

With Pastor Kevin & Esther as producers and directors, and with David Oh as the main cast, nothing can go wrong!

everyone worked so hard for this weekend's Easter production, to bring about the remembrance of Jesus Christ, who died for all our sins, so that we can live again.

it's Good Friday today. (i know my pic is so off topic)
i'm reminded once again out of my busy life, busy schedule that, on this day 2000 years back, Jesus was hung on the cross, just for me.

as absurd as it may sound to some of you, no matter how modern the world becomes, no matter how much i progress in life as a person, no matter how much my values and principles in life change,

one thing remains. He is still the Lord and master of my life.
i love, because He first loved me.
give, because of what He gave on the cross 2000 years ago.

Although for this Easter production, i won't be acting as a disciple who cries for Jesus when he's being hung on the cross like last year, but a rebellious, sexually confused teenage daughter (ops! secret's out), my heart is grateful for all that God has done for me. I will be giving my all in this production because of Jesus.

my lovable, 38 classmates who will be coming on Sunday :)
i will do exceptionally well for you!

a rare confession on this blog? perhaps.
there is nothing to be ashamed of. He wasn't ashamed to die on the cross for me.

So, why should i? :)

am ready to rock the stage tonight all the way till sunday afternoon!
tiring? maybe. but absolutely exciting, and totally worth it!

Drama Production: The Final Solution
Admission Fee: Free of Charge
Date: Apr 2-4

Time: Apr 2 (Fri)- 8.30pm
Apr3 (Sat)- 5.30pm & 8pm
Apr 4 (Sun)- 9am & 11.30am

Address: City Harvest Church,
No. 8, SS13/6. Subang Jaya.

let me know if you're coming. see ya there! :)
*group hug*

love, careen.

1 comment:

  1. hey careen!

    u were amazing playing the role as carmen =) in fact, all of u were great actors. very moving, very real..

    3 shows down, 2 more to go... all the best to u and the rest of the casts and crews! *wondering was it hard to play dead*



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