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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Remember this child?

remember this tiny thing i blogged about so excitedly when she entered this world exactly TWO years ago? :)

Evangeline's FIRST photo.
15 April 2008, approx 10.30-11.30am in the morning. her first hour into the world :)
she had fat cheeks. FAT cheeks!!!
her doc. she was pink in color and fat in cheeks.
prolly cos she smelt Gladys' pits. poor thing...spoilt her smelling senses :)
amused elder sisters. peeking at this new, unfamiliar member of the family :)
mum & baby :)
Evangeline's first friend. hahahaha :P

that was EXACTLY two years ago.
thanks God for the invention of cameras , blogs and FB. i managed to remember and find these stuff soooo easily :)

and then she grew up. a girl who loves to sing, worship, dance, pose (!!!), elmo lover, shower with sisters, sleep with sisters (only charity & melody), and roam around the house in her own world.

super cheeky girl. humorous and knows how to have fun :)
pretending to sleep. she was holding her own head as there wasnt any headrest behind her. geng right??
both pretending to sleep.
wahahahahaha drama mamas!!!!!
(look at her toes)

she grew up to be a girl who loves dresses (melody & charity's oversized dresses to be exact), all things girly and beautiful. including the fetish over mani & pedi.
the look of vanity.
tiny pedi-ed toenails. beh tahan lor!
look at the obsession in her eyessss.......

after seeing that her sisters take time to do their homework, readings and drawings, she started to love coloring too :)

she knew that i was taking pics of her, and purposely give me the lansi look =.="
too cute and tiny to be slapped.
just notice her toes in every pic.
acting cute. (look at those toes)
*pinches her face!!!*
she knows her angle in posing. *faints*
and no she did not learn anything from me.
yeap, destroying melody and charity's old books :)
acting diligent.
look at those lashes...... :)
where got toddler pose like that wan???!
charity sayang her the most :)
tiny feet!

oh, and guess what my mum got for Evangeline's 2 year old bday?
birthday cake and other pressies aside, a tiny baby TORTOISE just like her! :D
Evangeline lovessss tortoises.
Loveen says her name is Vangie. =.="

taken today. her birthday :)
cheeky girl with HUMONGOUS teeth.
kids these days are BIG BULLIES!
ahahahaha look at the nose....
how to do 2 years old???
see? she know just how to angle her face =.="
new member of the family.
Vangie the Tortoise :)

this is a video of Evangeline singing to her teddy a happy birthday song some time back. guess we'll get to sing it again later on :)

"Ah Peh Yu Yu", Evangeline.
Dajie loves you, tiny thing :)

you bring so much fun, joy and laughter to the family. although you dont really like people to carry you, which makes me wanna carry you even more to make you cry (wahahaha!), i still love you lots cos you kiss me and feed me food whenever i ask you to :)

you've been a great playmate and friend to Charity too.
she's so excited cos it's your birthday today :)

*hugsssss squeeeeze*

love, careen.

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