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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Photoshoot at Heritage

it's my second photoshoot at Heritage hotel, KL. and i still lurve the location. so old and so....well, heritage! EXCEPT the dusts everywhere around, carpets, stairs, wall, even the rooms! too old already.

it was the first time for Modelle magazine. look at the dirty tub! that's how dirty everything is...but looks great in pictures.
Gladys my dear sis accompanied me to the shoot. camera's with sarah, so she used my good ol' 2mp camera phone to take pics. hahahah it's been close to 4 years but it's still alive and handy :)
kaw sin, the photographer. nice guy :)
look at those moss-y walls.....
there were bathtubs everywhere....
how many of you agree that Gladys should pick up photography? ;)
awesome candid shots!

and needless to say, after putting so much effort on my hair and makeup, camhoring is such a must! ;) hair done by Glad too! wonderful sis :)))
it's been donkey years since i camhored!
had been too busy to do treatment on my hair, mask on face (that was history!!!), and cut my nails (ops!). what more camho.

assignment day wil start soon again.
man, i got no life!

thank God baby coming back today...will see him for church tmr :)

love, careen.


  1. yepp, we have no life. Endure, for we will have a break after this xD

  2. I realised you're getting better and better in Make-up and also your poses.

    Nice !

  3. [victor] yeap..verrrry soon! :D

    [leo] hahah really?? :) thanks!

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