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Thursday, April 1, 2010

my precious...

one of my fav photos of the moment :)

sorry for the slow updates. been having late rehearsals for Easter production from evening til wee hours in the morning. came home at 3.30am, woke up for 8am class. felt as if i was floating on clouds the whole time.

but i know that it's all worth it :) been having so much fun, great experiences and the privillege to work with some of the most wonderful people around, that includes my beloved pastor and his wife, Esther :)

easter production starts tmr til sunday.
do come if u can :)

guess what greeted me the moment i came out of coll?
i saw a tiny head popping out in the car, smiling, waving at me.

it's Evangeline! :))
she accompanied my dad to pick me up from classes in the afternoon. had a good, "catch-up", camho time in the car. she's so into doing funny poses and finger signs these days. enjoy the all of them :)

hahahahah....that's her "seat" :)

she tries to do "two" :)

concentrating :)


pretty baby :)

stuffing her hands into the hole. hahahaha :P

look at those big round eyes :)





squeezy face :)

i know it's weird, but she was actually yawning. yeap.....hahaha

taught even to aim and shoot! using the cam :)


remember how melody ties her hair when she goes to school?

hair up in a ponytail :)
well, our dear grown-up 5 yr old Charity also wants to follow her sister's footsteps.

afterschool drama.
now Charity has specific instructions for my maid to tie for hair for school.

first, she wants her fringe up, but WAIT! not ALL, must leave a few strands in front wan.

secondly, the fringe tied to the back must make a bob/pop/bulge/hump/u get the picture. that's not all! the bob/pop/bulge/hump/u get the picture must be SLIGHTLY slanted to one side.

now she refuses to tie two sides like small, innocent kindy girls.
Charity has grown up and ready to sweep the guys off their feet, young world!

cuteness overload.
dont have pics of melody again. in school now. and when she comes back she'll be rushing homework and i'll be out. :(

some other time!
napping time, then rehearsal at night.

til then, loves!

love, careen.

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