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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

i want my sweet escape

there's something about the sand, sea and skies that makes me happy.

due to some certain issues, my heart feels so heavy. i don't feel upset, i feel sad. it's such a small issue, or maybe it isnt, depending on how i choose look at it. why must things be so complex?

baby has gone offshore again..for a whole week.
not too long as compared to normal times, but still long enough to catch me by surprise. decided yesterday and here he is right there right now.

he has no choice. i'm so proud of my hardworking bf.

i dont like to rant openly in a public domain like this. i know the complications and troubles it'll get me into. i wanna update my blog, and this is the only time i can until next week prolly due to my crazily packed schedule, and so happen i'm feeling this way. dowana pretend to be happy.

wed- work, POS prac at night
thurs- work, cell group
fri- work, cell group, midnight prayer meeting
sat- whole day in malacca for early mother's day
sun- church, POS practice, assignments
mon- college starts.

never thought penang could look this nice :)

sorry for sliding back to my blog in such a mellow tone.
you know i'll be fine after this ;)

HTV at 6, leaders meeting. i better get going.

love this picture cos i looked slim.

*group hugs*

love, careen.


  1. Careen, second pic from last = using DSLR? Cantik weii

  2. cheer up Careen (2nd comment) like it or not because of humans' self-interests, things have to go complex. You feel that it is complex because things are added up with difficulties because humans are divided due to the environment they created.

    Tell u stg funny. Some of we coursemates and I just now wanted to gather together to do IPD Assignment, but all of them no mood to do. So, after a few chats we terus balik. haha...we all last minutes weii.

    Hate it when our holidays are packed with assignments. I need a break, but we still need to do a lot of stuffs. haiz.


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