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Monday, April 19, 2010

hey, soul sista!

the dirtyyy walls, floor and everything everywhere in Heritage. sneezed non-stop after the photoshoot. at least it produced great pics! love the pic cos it makes me look slim :D

havent been updating cos of my work and assignments. now that i dont have these in my hands as i've finished those that are due soon, i can update a little here before i sleep :)

taylor's communication students are FINALLY moving to the Lakeside campus.

am i excited?
to be honest, not really.

i've become so comfortable walking around the familiar and small compounds, knowing where the best foods and cleaner toilets are. Taylors PJ is like uni-at-a-glance. you can see everybody everywhere especially at the eating area. there are people who eat at the same spot, same table, same clique everyday. haha!

one of the things that i'll miss the most would be the Bubble Tea and waffle shop. it was the BBT & W that brought me through tough times in uni.

during last Emerge where i had to juggle both assignments and POS practices, BBT & W were there to take me through to another day.

at times when i have absolutely no mood to eat, no appetite, and absolutely turned off by the sucky hotz weather, BBT & W were there to sooth and calm me down.

during the times when i lacked sleep, BBT & W were there to keep me awake in class.

BBT & W.....the smell of the shop as you pass by captures your body, soul and spirit immediately. it's so compelling and life-changing. okay slightly exaggerated, but it's really pretty awesome.

Pao and the counter.

probably my last BBT & W in the PJ campus.
will be starting classes at Lakeside after mid-sem break :(

let's hope that there will be something else to substitute my BBT & W there.
*fingers crossed*

recently worked for Celcom at One World with Cindy and Adeline.
Rachel's so cool, she allowed us to eat, and gossip while working. time passes so fast when u have fun :)

lazy to crop so yeah, the mini us. haha!

found this in my cam.
no wonder no more batt la...haha :P

*sigh* facing dilemmas day after day.
thinking about the cash working gives makes me wanna work more, but at the same time, thinking that it'll cost me so much time and energy (like PC Fair, the long hours...), i just feel so sien.

i wanna do easy peasy jobs.
i wanna work from my bed.
i wanna start my work at 12pm.
i wanna be a housegirlfriend.
i wanna eat eat eat and stay slim.
i wanna start exercising.
i wanna redye my hair.
i wanna wear bikini but i shy.
i wanna sleep but i'm too excited for penang tmr :D

i dont wanna be broke.
i dont wanna feel stressed and burdened even when i dont have stuff to stress about. but it's become a habit. difficult to feel absolutely carefree.

why am i so random?
maybe cos it's 2am in the morn and i should sleep.

dear blog, i dont even have the time to rant to you.
what a sad life!

let me mourn in my dreams.
let's give this a moment of silence.


thanks :)

love, careen.

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