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Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Final Solution pics

Here are the pics stolen from various places.

from FB, to pastor's photo album, to church website.
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this is my leng chai, yao yeng, and super cool pastor.
you can follow his twitter at :)

pictures are ALMOST in sequence. except these few in front. hahaha :P

this is the overflow area in cafe. crowd watching from projector.

the longggggg queue.

"people mountain people sea". sardined until cannot.
my pastor said even the flies can't pass thru the crowd. hahaha :P
the people can't even move much, no need to say go toilet.

the fiery choir :)

The Production:

Scene 1- The Prison

look at those bods and fake tattoos!

Dr. Silas, the beast, and chief of police

Dinah & Silas.
my "dad" and his assistant.

the bitchy Carmen.

"dad" chasing my lesbo partner out of the house.

Jesus healed the blind.

and the leper.
look the those amazing disciple's expressions :)

Dinah brings Silas' ex-wife's murderer to death.

Jesus in the prison cell.

carrying the cross.

Jesus hung on the cross.

Carmen died as a result of The Final Solution injection.

Carmen resurrected.

the end :)

i know you might not catch the whole thing by looking at these pics. cos i didnt post up like, 3 quarter of them. hahaha!

you can get the DVD at 25bucks which includes The Making Of, and Behind the Scenes. lemme know if you want one :)

pastor with the casts on Friday night.

after EVERYTHING on Sunday afternoon. look at those tiny heads & tiny smiles. look of satisfaction and joy :)

me and my lesbo party friend ;)

my beloved friends who came :)
Cheryl, Qer Xin & Connie.

messing with the set.

my dear sisters. Serene was at home with Evan :)

welcome to the family, jean!

my leaders: Pastor & Esther, and cutie pie Eitan :)


well-deserved! i'm such a Malaysian (food wise) :)

more pics on

what a fruitful weekend!
3824 people came to watch the production, and 211 people gave their hearts to Jesus :)

Easter's over, now other projects are already setting in.

Asia Conference POS (cheerleading) with baby and team, Dance Choreo for commercial, pending photoshoots, Modelle's Top 10 photoshoot (!!!!!), Cameron trip with baby and friends :)

excitement! :D
life's great!

love, careen


  1. You did such briliant Job.
    For one moment, I though i was watching TVB Drama. ahaha

    The synergy if the entire was great !

  2. you look really nice in that play :)!

  3. [leo] hahah thanks leonard! the crowd was really awesome too! :)

    [riley] hey babe, thanks! were u there to watch the drama? :)


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