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Monday, March 22, 2010

Shopaholic Acting Job

worked for MRCA-EON Bank's new credit card launch this morning. yes, it's probably the first time i'm so efficient in updating. it's now or never, really. so forgetful and lazy!

above: a pic of Pavillion at 7am in the morning. have never seen this side of Pavillion before...lights still off, no crowd. the crews set up the back drops and everything since wee hours in the morning. canggih...

reached there before 7am. my beloved sacrificial parents accompanied me throughout :') had a few rehearsals, did my own hair and makeup, acted for even less than 5mins on stage.

backstage pics :)

syasya and shankari. both 177cm and above. siao right super tall! i look like a pineapple tree between two coconut trees. btw, they acted as shopkeepers..that explains the outfit :)

dexter who acted as the waiter of the restaurant where the shopaholic dined at.

my sweet mummy took this pic for me, right before i went onstage :) i have such supportive and wonderful parents...*cries* :')

haha! this is epic!
my mum's photography skills memang kao-lat. managed to capture me strutting down the flight of stairs thru the crowd, i mean, only my heel. haha i was completely blocked by the arch!

Eon bank staff, credit card companies, the media, shoppers and also the Minister of Trade, Co-operations and Consumerism were present =/

am glad everything went so smoothly. my agent, the organizing committee as well as the crowd gave positive feedbacks :)

i have City Harvest Church to thank for all my acting experiences which gave me such confidence to carry this acting job out effortlessly. thanks pastor and esther for all the opportunities, and also shirley who first discovered my ability to act :) i love u all...

and also my beloved parents. love them so much...they're ever so supportive and proud of me. were so willing to just be there to wait til everything was over, made sure that i was well-fed for bfast too :)) *sobssss*

and of cos my darling who sent me his love and support all the way from labuan :) muax...

love the relieved feeling after completing a task. *phew*
now time to snooze before Easter drama prac tonight.

*group hugs*

love, careen.


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