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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

random reminders

this is one of those posts that i don't know what i want to write.
it's one of those times when you feel so blank due to sooo many things happening around you, but you just feel like writing it out. something..anything..

random reminder #1:
when you're all clear about what is lined up ahead of you practically every single day, it gets hard to breathe sometimes. knowing that the days, weeks and months ahead will be fully occupied. especially those days when Mrs. P decides to drop by for a week's visit, it's not fun at all, i'm not kidding.

it's times like these when you need to remind yourself that being busy is not entirely bad. your life is productive, you are progressing, and it all requires a sacrifice of leisure and rest. busy people change the world, amen? at the end of the day, you'll forget the fatigue and pain when you see the fruits of your labour, and be thankful that you chose not to give up.
random reminder #2:
telling someone your struggles and worries in life does not make you a weak person, and acknowledging that you are not weak does not make you proud.

in fact, the ability to tell someone your struggles (when asked to) makes you a strong and assured person, because you are confident enough to expose the soft side of yourself, standing a chance to be viewed in a different light.

a confident person who tells you her worries and struggles in life (when you asked her to) does not need sympathy. know very well that she is just giving you pieces of information since she trusts you enough to tell. no need for sympathy, empathy is optional.

especially when that someone asks you to share. if you really want to know, then listen; but do it without having a pre-conceived notion/assumption or a well-rehearsed answer at the back of your mind.

listen means listen, it's as simple as it sounds.
there is no need to unleash your wisdom and superiority to advice.
do it only upon request.

random reminder #3:
no matter what you do while behind the wheels or at the passanger's seat, buckle up. yes, even while camhoring. (Buckle-up Campaign)

off to play Bejewelled to release stress.

love, careen.

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  1. Wa why your last reminder so random wan? Haha


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