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Monday, March 8, 2010

pretty ugly

what a weekend!
as i'm typing this post, i'm recalling real hard on what actually took place.

hehe i really have bad memory.
watched Valentine's Day with baby on Friday after work. a surprised which i spoiled myself :(

the drama team went for Easter costume measurement on Saturday morning, went for special service with Alarice (man, she's good!), and movie with boon's family :)

and on Sunday, slept in for a bit (awesomness), celebrated Felicia's birthday at Fullhouse, got her a BB, laughed like hyena and camho-ed with my fav peeps on earth (you know who you crazy folks are), acting training by KLPAC instructors (Adel & Qahar), and The Book of Eli with the crazy bunch plus my BFF/homie/mamajo :)

The Book of Eli is...
stimulating. that's the only word i can think of :)

besides the blood-splashing, heads flying, and a huge crow that died (!!! i have bird phobia), i really enjoyed the movie :)

heard so many good reviews about it, and yes the movie did meet my expectations. denzel washington is effortlessly an awesome actor. or maybe it just seemed like it.

lesson learned from Qahar: a good actor makes acting seem effortless, with lots of effort.
what a weekend..from a movie noob who watches a movie once in 3 months, to watching 3 movies in just a week. *hearts*

Valentine's Day- a romance movie,
72 Tenants- Senseless Lameass TVB comedy
The Book of Eli- what genre is it??

i'm ready to face to week ahead! :D

i know all my pictures don't really match the contents. will surely fail IPD if this were an assignment! haha shows i was not sleeping in class ;)

love the silly pics with baby.
i have a bf whom i can look absolutely, downright ugly with, and he has totally no issues with it. plus, i'm not pretty all the time. just ordinary like everybody else :)

March has been great so far!
lovin' it!

*group hug*
love, careen.


  1. No fair!!! How come most of your facial expression same wan?!?! Cannot cannot..must take agaian. Hehe

  2. hahahahah where got the same??? it's not the same. it's sad, scared, sadder then angry. hehehehehe :D

  3. it makes me wonder.. if you're taking picture and boon is posing ... then the question is .. Who is drivign ? ahahahaha
    LOOK OUT !!!!


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