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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Maybank Malaysian Open 2010

sorry for the sleepy face. hahaha! felt sleepy throughout the job!

anyways, worked for Par Golf Magazine during the Maybank Malaysian Open 2010, 4th-5th March at KLGCC. yes, i'm sure u can spot the same changing room from Dewar's Golf Tournament in Jan :)

only brought my camera on Friday. this job has broken the record of being the easiest job i've ever worked for. plus great colleagues, great employer, great fooood. sucky weather though. thank God i didn't have to get out in the sun except to walk to the food marquee :)

above: KT & Zoe.
it's during our buffet breakfast. hahaha! oh, this job has also broken the record of having the best on-job food.

basically, we were all given passes to this Hilton Buffet marquee for free meals, free flow 100 plus (would have been dehydrated or probably sick without it!), free flow of whisky and beer, etc etc etc all day long!

this is my share of breakfast. the first round.

milk + honeystars is a must-have for breakfast okay!

i know it sounds silly to have honeystars for a Hilton breakfast, but who cares!

super cute spreads :)

it really started my day right. relived my childhood :)
didn't take pics of lunch though. but it was also totally awesome.

had a shot with the gorgeous Ricoh girls opposite my booth :)

zoe & carmen :)

KT. our tourguide and entertainer. hehe.

nizam and KT. really nice peeps!

this is Zoe and her abstract drawing. haha :P

ending this post with a camho pic is a must! ;)

great day ahead today!
had enough sleep (which is rare!), hung out with my sisters in the hall, lunch with cg, drama workshop by KLPAC instructors in church with the craziest drama team, and third movie of the week: The Book of Eli.

have a great Sunday :)
love, careen.

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