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Friday, March 12, 2010

inspiration makes art

had a photoshoot with Baddogz Jin this afternoon.
a professional yet stress-free shoot. he knows what he wants to achieve in a photo, yet he allows me room for experiment.

realised that i have high expectations on myself. didn't like half the photos which Jin & Ann said are nice, and it's not about the photography skills or lighting, it's the model. so when i really like a picture, it means i'm really satisfied with it in every aspect and detail.

ann's puppy dog is the cutest i've ever seen, white curly furs with a pink dress. no idea what breed as am not an animal lover. even hurt the poor doggie when she hopped onto my lap to manja. maybe i should learn how to be more normal. haha!

came home and thought i should capture a few photos for the nice makeup i did on myself. this is what happens when it's about to rain, and you feel inspired.

a camho photoshoot with my favourite black rose hair clip
and my favourite scent by my baby. CK Euphoria Blossom :)

love the pics :)
love, careen.


  1. wow! careen, you captured the three photos above all by yourself?
    they are nice! love them! :D

  2. yea...haha camho pics :P thanks!!


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