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Friday, March 26, 2010

*heart* my babies

lemme intro my babies to you :)
i love each and everyone of them. these pics will probably only show you 10% of why i love them. living with them is so much fun every single day!

the caring sister. warm, affectionate, places lots of importance on family closeness and relationship. loyal, patient, high tolerance especially towards the big bully Evangeline.

the mini baby of the home. body size of an infant (she's turning 2 in apr), brains and mindset of a gramma. nola, maybe of a 5 year old? super cheeky. super notti. but super cute.

pretty baby :)

her fav jobstreet bear. hahah!
why do baby girls pose like this all the time?

napping time :)
evangeline would wait for charity to come home from school after noon to shower tgthr, make lots of noise and laughter in the bathroom, come out in towels tgthr, run around the house naked, eat lunch tgthr, then nap tgthr :)

the one on the right.

pretty. smart. mature. witty. creative. garang. sampat. friendly and sociable. multi-talented.

charity looks so chubby and cute.... :D

at the World Vision event where Melody performed.
whole family went to support except poor me who needed to stay at coll :(

my parents :)

volunteer performer :)

charity saw her fav Woohoo actor. the one who acted as gay. haha.

their singing performance.
ashley and serene.

francis was there to film :)

the world. the children.


she pose also like me. sial! mini careen to the max...

below are some SS pics of mel, charity and
enjoy. hahaha!

i stil have loveen and serene whom i love too :)
cant find recent pics for now.

back to assgs. it's driving me crazy...crazy weather ain't helping!

love, careen.

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