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Thursday, March 11, 2010

feel it throb

stress all over my body. all over my head.
i can feel it throbbing inside my muscles. even harder on my heartbeat.
breathing is more shallow yet harder. wait, it's hardly even audible.

so many things to do, so many things to think about.
so many things running inside my head, lined up waiting to be ticked off my mental "to-do-list".

yet i feel so paralysed as i sit here and write.
so tired, pretty unwell. many many obligations.

can't wait for my sweet escape.
blue cloudy skies, clear sea waters, and sand between my toes.
hand in hand, strolling across the beach. head on his shoulder, enjoying the cool night breeze.

each task will make me stronger.
i will love the feeling of accomplishment, ticking off one task after another.

it's a joy to be busy, a joy to serve.
it's a greater joy to write, to understand, to make my feelings clear.


  1. Gambateh, Careen. I know this is going to be a harder climb this sem xD

  2. waaaaa careen. so fast already forget what i said abt at least taking a short break ah? @@

    seriously, dont stress urself. like me last week had exams one day i was like so stressed out, went piano class and had to take a panadol RIGHT THERE with my teacher witnessing. n.n embarassing @.@

    NEVER burn the midnight oil when u noe its a lot to handle so TRY and take it easy a bit eventhough u have a million things to do. just take FIVE minutes of break. really. n.n


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