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Monday, March 1, 2010

Earthquake in Chile

had the first day of class today. so glad to be able to see all my beloved classmates again. all of em are seriously really lovable folks :)

am introduced to several new subjects this semester. all the design subjects coming in this sem. need God's grace to be able to do it..cos i am a noob who has absolutely NO clue about designing, html, photoshop, etc. i dont even know how to operate a Mac smoothly!

exciting start to the new sem. hope i'll stay excited throughout :)
...early this year when the earthquake hit Haiti, i had no clue about it until days later..which left me feeling very bad.

as for the recent Chile earthquake, i found out about it on the day itself (from Twitter. Twitter is the ultimate news source!). it's really unfortunate, and i feel for the country, for the victims and their families.

had a nightmare about Haiti after i found out about the earthquake the other time, and for the Chile earthquake, i did have a nightmare too. the paling sweat-able thing is, it is not about the Chile earthquake. i dreamed that Britney Spears committed suicide =.="

though i'm not exactly a huge fan of BS', i'd definitely cry and be extremely scared if my nightmare comes true :/ i always dream about earthquakes, it's been a couple of times. but i never dreamed about Britney Spears before. and i never dreamed of anyone commiting suicide before too. haha random siot! don't laugh...i woke up pretty emo...

found out today that more than 700 have been sacrificed in the earthquake. my heart breaks to see buildings crumble..wondering what happens to the victims in there. i always imagine myself in an earthquake situation, and it never fails to scare me.

it's not that i wanna scare myself for no reason, but really, you wouldn't know how to empathize and sympatize, until you put urself in the other person's shoes.

pictures from
it's really really bad..
brave rescue workers..

carrying an earthquake victim out.

looters who took advantage and made the situation even worse and sorrowful. well, maybe they have lost all their belongings and money.

please fo pray for Chile. still not forgetting Haiti.

the world is changing, becoming more and more destroyed and plague by natural disasters and accidents by the day. cherish those around you, live life like it's your last day everyday. seize every opportunity to love.

not to make u feel emo, but to really remind ourselves that our lives can come to an end anytime. life's fragile, seen it too much with the people around me.

therefore, live like we're dying, and we'll never have to regret. get right with God too, before it's too late :)

ok i feel like a nanny leaving her last speech. *choi!*
love you guys that's why :)
love, careen.


  1. do more with meaningful..cheers

  2. It was very unfortunate that even before everything recover in Haiti another disaster struck.

    On the lighter note, we Malaysian can consider very blessed to be living outta any potential natural disaster zones.

  3. this is sooo sweeet, im almost gonna cry!

  4. yeap, we're truly truly blessed )

    [rahila] babe!!! awww...nice to have u dropped by :)


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