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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Cos i'm kinda busy

"sorry i cannot hear you, i'm kinda busy."

this song has been stuck in my head. so catchy though i'm no big fan of the Beyonce strong :)

sorry go off topic. becoming more like Dr. V :P

betcha miss me! hmmmmm maybe not :(

been packed til BO (burned out). when BO obviously no motivation or inspiration to blog..dowana sadden my readers with my rants and stuff. i'm not entirely BO yet la dont worry...just about *checks BO meter*...45.6%.

now that i gained a bit of excitement in life cos am meeting up with MamaJo tonight for our Spilling Session, and also baby is already on his way back :)

plus tmr evening will be E! Night! super super excited knowing it'll be great. happiest part is that baby is around to enjoy it with me..together with my lovely classmates Qer Xin, Connie and Cheryl :DD

anyways, here's a job i worked for recently which is worth blogging about..cos it's rather rare, in a good way :) though the pay is not something to scream about, the perks that come along with the job is enough to keep the girls happy :)
had our makeup and hair done at Stage (part of the awesome!).
nice decor and all. but actually IMHO, the makeup is not as great as it seems. nothing so pro. not trying to be arrogant but i've had worked with way better makeup artists! quite overrated.

looked so plastered with makeup.
dinner fully sponsored, also part of the job. the girls were given a certain amount to spend on dinner. the food fanatic yours truly chosen her favourite meal at Pancake House :))))

so basically our job was to look pretty, smile for the cameras and usher the guests of Southern Cable at Grand Palace. they also had a mini beauty pageant for the usherettes to be crowned Miss Southern. pretty cool!

each table had a vote and the girls who got the most votes will win. yours truly was lucky enough to be the winner :D was given a bouquet of beautiful roses + rm200 cash voucher. way exceeded my expectations! big budget dinner.

this is Melissa. my dinner buddy who's really sweet, and pretty as u can see :)

after work, we were given our share of Grand Palace food. heavenly...

every female (including the usherettes) got a really pretty purple/pink rose for that night. did i mention it was seriously big budget??

our custom-made uniforms.
dont know why my skirt is exceptionally long, happy with it nonetheless :)

Juliet, who made sure everything was perfect for that night.
could make a great PA!

two girls missing!

toilet photo. they always make us look somehow nicer. why???

sweetie Melissa :)

just had to camho before we changed into our own outfits :)

the beautiful roses. taken only after two days... :/

a dozen of em :)

how i wish every job was like this.
baby took me home after that. went home a happy girl :D

assignments and million of stuff to think about.
how i wish i could divide my brains accordingly for different tasks.

looking forward to the weekend :)
have a happy weekend!
love, careen.

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