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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

bare naked photoshoot

something really interesting took place at the beautiful Sydney Opera House yesterday.

over 5000 people of all shapes and sizes posed bare naked for a photoshoot by famous photographer Spencer Tunick. it's his work of art, known for taking loads of nude photos.

explicit pictures ahead. but since it's even posted up on MSN news and broadcasted to people of all ages, posting it n my blog is nothing!

5000 people of diff sexes, shapes and sizes, skin tone, body tone (ahem), and physical condition braved the chilly weather and posed for the renown photographer.

read somewhere that even a pregnant lady posed naked as well, and was sent to the hospital for labour shortly after. haha what an experience!

happy nude folks posing together-gether.

did i mention all shapes and sizes?? haha.

it must have been a sight to behold, such a feast for the eyes. no wonder they all looked so happy! i mean, how often to you see 5000 naked people at one time?

besides the Sydney photoshoot, Spencer Tunick has also done a couple of others in different parts of the world. here's some pics of one he did in Mexico.

this is really epic.
super nice right??
you can view the video here.

i think this is really interesting. i'm not against posing nude as i agree that it is truly a work of art, but i for one, wouldn't pose nude in public like that.

what do YOU think about it? :)
let me hear you out!
love, careen.


  1. Honestly,

    Due to all your reason photoshoots. When I saw your blog title on my blog I thought You did the nude shot instead which I almost shocked til death .ahhahaah

    Anyway, thanks for sharing. Work of Art !
    Mayb we should do the same thing and infront of the Prime Minister Office at Putrajaya. MAUAHAHAH

  2. haha nooo...i wont do nude shots :)

    haha yeah! maybe we should do it and end up being on the front page of our papers for months!


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