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Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Weekend of New Beginnings

nope, camhoring is not the new beginning i was talking about. camhoring is in my blood and 50 years down the road, i'll be a camhoring gramma.

this photo is just to remind you how cute i am :)
kidding! love those Kanye West glasses. yes, in Fullhouse again..where all the cutesy, don't-camho-cannot stuff are. hmm why don't i see people walking around wearing those glasses?

i know the hair's messy but am too lazy to edit anything.
for the third time, i loveee my red lacey dress :')

okay, back to business.

i consider fridays the start to my weekend so here goes.

had a good sleep till noon *ahem* and worked for a company's annual dinner as an usherette in the evening. new experience. easy job. good pay. happy girl :)

wrote a write-up for Dance Ministry for church website in the morning. music practice in church in the afternoon. served as a Backup Vocalist for the very first time :)

felt so welcome by the worship team, and so encouraged by all my wonderful friends. they're truly the most amazing people on planet earth.

attended Sarah's farewell party in the evening. she has three dogs. and they bark real bird chriping :) had great food, great company (the lamest people around. i had enough of your intelligence!), and managed to at least spend some time (though very little) with the princess of the night. happy birthday in advance dear :) *hugs*
woke up early to fetch me for music prac, and ended up iphoning and eventually dozing off in the artist room. some asked me why he's so nice. i wonder why i'm such a lucky girl too. he's the best.

served again as a BV. great experience. i don't even take it as a duty. to me, i'm just worshipping God on a higher platform i.e. the stage. i'm very honored and blessed :)

had a photoshoot with Shin Chan and Gan in Thean Hou temple, KL. Chinese New Year theme. will post up photos once i get them. baby accompanied me all throughout the day. i love him.

had sushi for dinner. shared half my Hana Salmon with my sisters. why do i have sisters who are so much like me? hehehe sigh. sharing is caring, perhaps? :)

back home. an entry blogged by an exhausted yours truly.

God is good. i am indeed embracing change. ready for more changes to take place. ready to see what else God has in store for me. excited for the remaining 2010 :)

before i go,
let me show you one of my favourite pictures of all time.

Sabrina said i look like Boa during the photoshoot.
what a flattery :)

dirty tub (photos of me IN the tub will be in Modelle Mag), great outfits, great models, great photographer, great team, great location, great support.

need your votes to continue on in this competition!

to vote, type

and send to 36660.

appreciate all your votes.
will produce more nice pics ;)

have a great, brand new week ahead!
love, careen.


  1. Careen, u really look like BoA. Seriously. 99.9% alike. o.o

  2. You did a great job on stage! you look really steady :)

  3. nice one! people in my blog likes your picture! and hey, you know andrea too? what a small world! :D

  4. [michelle] thanks michelle :)

    [fibs] thansk fibs!!

    [vvens] thanks vivien..ur too kind :) yeah, we go to the same church. hehe how do you know her? :) small world indeed!


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