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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Took a trip, on a Spaceship

before anything else,
let me warmly greet you with the my latest camho picture :D

hellloooo there!
took a trip back to cyberspace. i won't say exactly that i'm back to civilization cos Malacca is not that backward as most people think, it's just the sucky internet. it was the streamyx, to be specific.

anyhow, been back since yesterday and only manage to sit down and update a little now. am starting my 2nd semester on March 1, and boy, time flies like nobody's business!

am glad the 3 months break had been fruitful. earned myself some cash here and there, had so many new experiences and fun, spent time with my loved ones. it's more than enough :)

now that i only have 5 days left til i go back to that geeky student lifestyle, things are already starting to pile up. *phew* will be out with mum and gramma today, then shoot with Anna, then leaders meeting.

movie date with baby tmr. Valentine's day..can't wait! :)

it will be a great week before i start my sem!
glad to be back here :)

*group hugs*
love, careen.


  1. u ar naughty girl cny week sleep late late laaa see now got eye bag ddddd.....slaps u!

  2. Hey

    Lookin good over there girl !

    Keep it up ! Its good to see this side of u

  3. [tasya] hahahha like that also let u see...really eye bags got worse lo :(

    [leo] thanks! :)


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