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Saturday, February 13, 2010

On Chinese New Year Eve

it's been two days since i'm back Malacca, and the weather's not been any kinder :/

it's Chinese New Year's eve!
we'd usually stay up late to accompany my gramma usher in the new year, plus lots of snacking, plus lots of TV. hmmmmm :)

woke up early (earlier) this morning to help gramma set up Chinese New Year decors, nose around in the kitchen and captured some really memorable moments :)

the little cartoons woke up early too!

and wore our shoes. somehow they love oversized shoes.
just like when i was younger...

daddy's hand-written menu of the reunion lunch.
don't you agree he has awesome handwritings? :)

cartoons live.
they spice up our lives :)

do tiger!

(look at her toes......)

butt bump!

uncle's car model ;)
(i cannot tahan her toes weih....)

melody dressing up the tree.
(which we took it off later on. cannot make it!!!)

she wants to help too :)
(and figured that her own shoes are more comfortable..hehe)

Gladys acting cute.
the Chirstmas deco sesat-ing inside the CNY deco box.

my photography skills not bad ma.....

interesting characters :)
melody- the pageant, charity- the cartoon, evangeline- the cheeky chipmunk.

Gladys' self-fulfillment.
check Charity out! hahahaha :P

cutie pie :)

it's been many MANY years since i last helped my baby sisters to shower. and today, i helped all 3 of them shower. i feel like such an awesome sister :D

only pics of Evan.

how cute!

sorry i am very ungroomed today. holiday mood la...

her ears are so cute :)

she used a pen to decorate her face =.="

her masterpiece. little orbits :)
she holds the pen corectly..

little cutie...

she posed for me :)

the scrumptious reunion lunch! prepared by my very own parents :)
they should probably open a restaurant of something!

shark's fin soup :)
new year, new bowls.

duck meat.


bak cham gai. my favourite!

crabmeat + abalone + shredded chicken + shark's fin soup :)

the abalone. un-cut version.

early bird :P
nola she helped to set up. hehe.

mummy rocking her new hairstyle :)

my cute gramma :)

evan & uncle.

the eldest and the youngest.
they have almost identical hairstyle :D

the rest below are photos of Evan posing for the camera :)

she's so pretty :)
so hyper and chirpy today! she makes my day :)

darling went to Lake Toba in the afternoon.
no darling during Valentine's day.

guess we'll be having Pre & Post Valentine's when he comes to Malacca for a visit :)

Gong Xi Gong Xi, everyone!!!

let's embrace the weather gracefully :D
okay, let's try...
love, careen.


  1. melody!!! haha...all three of them super helpful nice to be their sister! ya i think ur parents can open restaurant talented..lolz

  2. all of you have very nice eyes :) gong xi fa cai!

  3. Hey there!
    I just randomly stumbled across your blog thinking it was my friend's of the same name.

    Just wtd to say, how lovely it is to have such cuties at home! i adore babies and lil kids!

    gives life such a diff dimension with all that fun innocent laughter around! The youngest is totally cute! =)

    have a good day!~*


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