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Sunday, February 14, 2010

On the absence of my Valentine

fact of the day (probably):Chinese New Year falls on Valentine's Day ONLY once in 50 years.

so to all the lovey-doves, today probably happens for only once/twice in your lifetime. so, cherish this day not celebrating for some. like me. actually this might just serve as a consoloation for me :(

i'm alone on Valentine's this year :(
no, not alone, alone. i have lots of people around me. but i just feel different.

probably it's bcos baby's in Lake Toba for a holiday, and i havent heard from him since he left yesterday afternoon. i am worried. i guess it's normal considering the fact that natural disasters/accidents happen so frequently these days. choi!

and to make things worse, it's Valentine's day. and there are soooo many tweets about how people are spending Valentine's.

don't get me wrong, i am happy for everyone who gets to celebrate. it's just that, whenever i'm not occupied with something, or sees something that reminds me that today is Valentine's Day, i am immediately reminded of my valentine. and i haven't heard from him until now :(

anyway, baby, this is a Valentine's post just for you.
you may only be able to read it when you're back here, but it's ok :)

it's a day of love! people are celebrating love everywhere today. but you know what the wonderful thing is about us? we celebrate love everyday, anywhere, as long as we're together.

most people go on ideal dates to celebrate. candlelit dinners, fancy restaurants, romantic movies, picnic by the beach, a day in the amusement park, etc..

but do you remember how we celebrated our pre-valentine's?

we had a simple meal at Coffee Bean (?), walked for hours in the mall not purchasing a single thing, and sat in the bookstore reading gossip magazine, discussing about Bragelina and Jen. hehe i think it's so random and sweat-worthy. but so memorable :)

people try to put up a good and proper front when going on dates. but for us, the beautiful (well, not exactly literally beautiful) thing is that we can look and behave as ugly as can be, and still fall so deeply in love with each other.

we never fail to entertain each other. we have seen the ugliest and most beautiful side of each other...until everything becomes so beautiful.

you always try to carry my burden, and you pamper me like a princess..without me even asking you. even the littlest burden like my handbag, you would so swiftly and naturally take it off my shoulder and carry it for matter how ridiculously girlish and cute my bag is. sometimes i would even assume that my bag was missing. it has become this often and natural.
you bear with my every weakness.
my every weird habit. my every irritating habit.

i camho like there's no tomorrow. i don't exactly like to shower a lot. my obssession with salmon and coconut juice. just to name a few.

(if name all damn paiseh, no need to blog edi..readership drop, blog can close down. haha!)

hey, wait!
where's my bag?
oh, there. haha!

i have been to Spore with you, JB, Malacca, Genting & Cameron, Bkt Tinggi, Vietnam, PD, Perak, etc etc etc, and i'm looking forward to travelling more with you, dear.

travelling with you is awesome. i don't need to worry, don't have a care in the world. i'll always be well-fed, i'll always be warm. i'll always be entertained, and pampered like a matter where we go :)

these are just the very very little that my heart has to say. i didn't even have to think long & hard. i only decided to dedicate this blog post to you about 15 mins ago, and there, a long love post :)

i love you and i miss you.
and i'll spend the rest of my life loving and missing you...

happy valentine's day, baby dear.*muax*
love, babu buu.


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