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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Need a Cheongsam for CNY?

i know u have seen this dress in the previous post,
but i just can stop saying how much i loveeee this mini dress.
it fits so nice, and it's lacey, and it's......okay, nvm :)

check out WOW COUTURE!

modelled for WOW Couture few days back for their Cheongsam range.
will be featured in SinChew on Feb 8. so grab a copy! :)

andrea and i in their batik-cheongsam.
how creative!

all these tops and dresses, cheongsam or just regular night gowns, casual blouses are not factory made. they're designed and hand sewn by WOW Couture. it's a family business. they have a mini factory in one of the rooms dedicated for the business in their home! very impressive :)

the clothes are designed by Andrea's mum, Pat.
but the hands behind the all clothes are hand sewned by the gramma of the family!

look at how petite and cute she is! :D
will i be this cute too when i'm old? since i'm considered petitie :D

at the age of 80 plus (yes, u heard me right!), she is extraordinarily sharp and alert. has NO eyesight or listening problem, and is still passionate for tailoring. it is her self-learned skill since young, and it has paid off so well :)

besides ready made cheongsams and others,
they are well-known for their made-to-measure, custom made clothes.

whatever u need, cheongsams, wedding gowns, night gowns, or just about any regular fashionable styles, u can be sure that it'll be made just as you want it to be! proven by andrea's own clothes :)

visit for more info :)


before i go, had a haircut at Toni & Guy yesterday.
Edwin the sifu cut it and blew it so nicely, i just had to camho before i sleep :D

yes, it's the red dress again. it was a long day. hehe.
wore it for HTV..CNY coming that's why ;)

the hair. natural inversion.
my precious crowning glory.
OMG i so love this pic...

i won't agonize u with more camho pics, so that's it for today :)

mum's getting her hair colored for the first time in her life later on!
can't wait for the transformation! :)

*group hug*

love, careen.

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