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Friday, February 12, 2010

Modelle's Beauty 50 Top 20

i don't think i've ever blogged about the other Modelle's Beauty 50 contestants before, which many of them did. and since i have lots of time in my hand, let me introduce to you the other girls in the running with me as well :)

i wanted to post the photos alphabetically by name, but the silly me forgot that i've to upload the other way round. therefore now, it is reversed alphabetical. haha!

the Top 20 girls were splitted into 2 themes: Music & Luxe.
am sure you can spot the different themes in each photo :)

#1: this is your truly.
#2: Yeh Teng
#3: Vivien.the tiniest and cutest among all :)

#4:'ve gotta admit this concept is awesome.

#5: Shi Min
like an ad campaign.

#6: Serene

#7: Natasha

#8: Naseem

#9: Lai Kuan

#10: Kristen

#11: Khai Ling

#12: Joanne
spot the male model behind. super cool..

#13: Harveen

#14: Hanie
i personally think this is full of attitude. nice :)

#15: Faezah
#16: Dora
super sharp picture!

#17: Cindy
gorgeous face.

#18: Cheryl

#19: Azie
#20: Andrea

blog links taken from Vivien's blog.

more pictures in Modelle Magazine.
can't wait to see em! :)

so these are the Top 20.
gorgeous girls, as you can see for yourself. it's a tough fight! hehe.

i don't wanna sound like i'm on a campaign,
but i do need your votes to get through to the Top 10.

to vote:
and send to 36660.

appreciate it lots :')

and thanks a million to those who've voted time and time again.
it's an unlimited voting system, so vote however much you want :)

again, thanks guys.
love, careen.


  1. When Hanie is on the mic, she ain't just posing! She's Monash Music Festival- Battle of the Bands Champion; not to mention Ms Monash during the ball last year. lol!

    probably your strongest competition Careen! :P

  2. But I still Like Yours the Best!:) Now we know what you do in the Bathroom! xp HAHAHAAH!...

  3. hey vic..haha well, most of the girls are very established, everyone is my competition :)

    loveen, if only we have a tub :P hehehe thanks're the best :)


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