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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Modelle Top 10 Photoshoot

It's really been a while :)

so sorry, yours truly has been really packed up these few days. even when i had the time, i had been too tired to blog. only to play lifeless Freecell, Mahjong and Bejeweled Blitz to de-stress.

plenty to update. anyway, went for Modelle's Top 10 photoshoot after church today.

nope, i'm not confirmed to be in the Top 10 yet as the voting ends on Mar 15. my pics will only be posted up in Modelle Mag if i make it thru. so, i stil need your votes :')

Theme: Futuristic
Location: Ravi's Barber Shop, KJ.

love the whole concept. the barber shop is really old school.
like 1970's or something. and really dirty too.

after all the sacrifice like soaking my hair into the sink, getting random customer's hair onto myself, and changing in the super dirty toilet (yes, really mamak toilet type), i hope that the pics wil pay off our efforts and turn out great! it had better!

outfit for the day..something new.

pics below by Delvin using my faithful ol' Canon. hehe.
thanks for fetching and accompanying, bro!

love this pic!

the whole outfit is super burlesque.
felt like a could just fly to Las Vegas anytime to join Pussycat dolls.

and it's so not me =.="

anyways, ignore my elephant arms.

no.1: it's just after CNY! gimme some time to shed the fats! hahano.2: the corset top was so high that my armpit had no freedom to move!
the ONLY sink in the salon. haha roaches were strolling around in the sink.
i am so not kidding, alright.

onlooker behind. hehe.

thanks bro for being so willing to help!

Hanie sweetheart! Photographer no.2 :) haha!

am so super worn out now.
second sem starts tmr! woohoooo or booooo?

hmmm....wooohoooo la! :D

*group hugs*
goodnight folks!
love, careen.


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