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Friday, February 5, 2010

How I Met Your Mother

good day, people! :)
will be a very good day indeed!

woke up in a very very bad, hot and humid weather + a village of uninvited mozzies flying around my crib (according to my maid, it was bcos of the morning rain?) kinda levelled down my excitement to start the day happily.

what happens when faced with a bad start to my day?

besides calling and texting my baby *wink wink*,
switching on Bobby Boon and playing How I Met Your Mother is the next best thing, babeh!

sorry, i don't know why but i'm on a very lame mode now.
hopefully it'll soon be over cos i still have work in the evening!

let me show you a sweat-worthy pic.

notice the awkwardness??

man, i looked HUGE and disconnected!
i'm the one on the far right, btw. why did i stand there? :/

doncha mess with the ladyboss!

okay, enough.
actually my post today is dedicated to How I Met Your Mother.
am so smitten by the series that i just HAVE to blog about it.

to spread awareness.
to spread the love and laughter.
no, to spread near-death laughter and high.

these 5 casts have such vast diferences in their characters.
and they just do their parts so well!

i can't find a lame enough picture of the cast because they just all look so formal and serious. (why is it always like that? Friends also the same) which is totally NOT the case in the series. the producers of the series is damn sampat i swear!

some may compare it to Friends, which i did when Boon first started introducing me the series. Friends is undoubtedly the ultimate comedy ever (man, Phoebe!), but How I Met Your Mother is a different sense of humour, i feel.

it's lamer somehow.
and more ridiculous in a diff way. i just don't know how to explain.

maybe you just gotta watch it to know.
maybe it's just me. and Boon. and my sisters. hehehe.

watched with my sisters (yes, also with the ultimate sampat queen, Gladys), and we laughed until we almost choked to death. kept replaying certain scenes and find ourselves gasping for breath.

paricularly in Season5 Episode4 where Marshall made photo montages.
OMG we all almost died!!!

okay, that's enough.

i've shown my love and dedication towards How I Met Your Mother,
now time for more How I Met Your Mother lovin :D

have a greeaaat weekend!!
love, careen.


  1. The pictures looks like you had taken from Full House..XD

  2. hahaha yeah i did! best place to camho! so many props :P

  3. u should also try big bang theory or two and the half men but still how i met ur mother is my fav!! :P

  4. Actually there's another one that is worth watching, which is Samantha Who? Haha I think that's really good too..

  5. Yeah my sis introduced me to this series too. Funny!

  6. [tasya] hahah i will once i finish how i met your mother :D

    [boon] okie will download soon. too many movies/shows in comp to watch!

    [erin] haha yeah! :D


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