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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happy Pre-Valentine's Day

this is the 6th year we're celebrating Valentine's together.
and nope, it wasn't even Valentine's yet. hehe yes, due to CNY.

had a simple celebration, just like any other dates that we have.
we believe that everyday is Valentine's ;)
spent the night just eating, talking, and loitering around our third home, Pyramid.

had a great time just wasting time together. you know how difficult it is to waste time nowadays? extremely...

baby had developped the skill of ignoring me when i camho.
most of the time i camho when we're in the midst of a conversation :P

i found clothes that i have not worn before.
never-ending discoveries in the closet.

had my favourite Coffee Bean breakfast set for dinner.
what a meal for Valentine's! i know i'm weird sometimes :P

forget the whole Italliannese (is it the correct spelling?) and Victoria Station celebration. don't like to eat over-priced food during Valentine's.

hazelnut latte, hot double choc.

my egg & salmon foccacia.
my all time fav! sorry it doesn't look so appetizing.
don't really know how to take food pics nicely :P

baby's egg's benedict.

left my salmon behind to slowly savour and enjoy.
please don't think i'm disgusting. hehe.

so we ate, strolled, talked, strolled again...
basically loiterred around. even to the carpark.

then we met Gladys.
yes, the lamp post.

boon with Gladys.

i remember two or three years ago during Valentine's,
we brought Gladys (the real Gladys) along for our Valentine's celebration in Shogun.
she was so thrilled...hehe =.="

have a great Valentine's + Chinese New Year! :)

travelling back to my daddy's hometown later today.
time to gain some kilos.


love, careen.


  1. Eee..........I look so funny in the pictures laaaaaa........

  2. heloo :D!! remember me?? you're looking real good =) fit as usual! happpy chinese new yearrr

  3. [boon] no you dont :) muax!

    [riley] yess girl..of course i remember you! :) how've u been? keep dancing! happy CNY! :)


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