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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Evangeline: Baby's Day In

Hi! my name's Evangeline. my sisters call me Evan. as well as korkor Boon Hock. whom i call KorHor or ErGer (second brother). it just came naturally.

i'm the youngest member of the family and still too young to go to school, so i keep myself occupied at home. i'm the little queen bee ladyboss dontcha mess with me.
it's always the same routine.
everyday i wake up, kakak will bring me to the same couch, to watch the same TV.

it used to be Disney Channel, but my parents cut that off because of my schooling sisters. so now im forced to only watch Astro XTY. which is in Mandrin. i don't really understand Mandrin yet, that's why nowadays i'd prefer DVDs.

the recent Hot DVDs of the Crib are
Operation: Save The World and Alvin & the Chipmunks 2.
i watch them everyday. many many times in a day.

i have very very sharp and sensitive ears. whenever i sense that someone might be going out of the house, i'll run like there's no tomorrow out the door. most of the time my kakak and family members can't even catch me.

i know precisely where my shoes are.

a tip from me: when in a rush, use two hands for better support.

on a serious mission. it's now or never.

all set to go! toes just don't cooperate sometimes. it gets frustrating!
but i don't care cos i'm in such a mad rush!

finally i got to follow along when mummy walks Charity to school :D

afternoon came. when the sun is not too hot.
i always wait til this time of the day. i can sense it when it arrives.

the usual routine.
door opens, slip on shoes, toes stick out.

toes still sticking out. (look closely)
charity just learned how to cycle. i want too, but i'm just too short. so i resort to playing with the umbrella..which i always call, "Ella". i'm a fan of Rihanna ;)

oh before i forget, after that pic was taken, charity's bike rolled over my toes. yes, those which stuck out. should have worn my shoes properly first.
another tip from me: sit on umbrella when tired to avoid staining pants.

as usual, i'll take a look at my wonderfully colored toe nails whenever i can.
...but wait! i noticed something!

hahahahah...toes fixed :D

time to sun tan.

saw mum with camera.

after the daily outdoor activity, time to get back to my Alvin & the Chipmunks 2.

Single ladies by the Chipettes. i love that song :D

time to nap!


  1. omg so cute! reminds me of my sister 12 years ago! haha

  2. hahaha yeah! very fast they'll grow out of it though :(


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