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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dresses at the Grammys

good day, everyone!
actually, good afternoon :)

blogging from Kinokuniya.
it seems to be the only available and peaceful place with plug points in the whole of KLCC.

been walking the whole day. from KLCC, travelled to Toni & Guy for a hair cut (it's super nice! though not much difference. thanks to edwin), travelled back to KLCC. walked around KLCC to look for plug points. very exhausting. although my lappie's considered pretty light, carrying around can cost me so much energy.

this one's for baby :)

Happy Chinese New Year (in advance), everyone!!
set my eyes on that lovely red dress for the first time, and bought it immediately. love dresses like this. simple yet elegant. one of my happiest and best buys :D

the annual fashion show on the red carpet.

i gotta say that this year's a bit disappointing. everyone's quite "safe" . nothing much special le :(

maybe only a few. a few who actually gets attention. hehe.

princess of the night, Taylor Swift.
quite nice, but she kinda blended into the backdrop. and is that her tummy??
she still looks angelic as always though.

another princess of the night- Beyonce.
nothing special. besides glitter in her hair.
why why why....

beautiful keri hilson.
IMHO, i think she's prettier than beyonce.
she's finer. definitely hotter. but i dont fancy her mermaid dress. beyonce also wore mermaid dress. why why why....? trend or what?

hot-legged fergie and beautifully suave husband (taller version of ryan seacrest. but better looking and clean shaven).

fergie's dress was simple, but i love it. shows off her figure and yummy legs.

curvy katie her huge eyes. she has huge boobs..especially in this dress.
a bit disppointing..expected more from her. i think everyone did.

jennifer hudson wore ALL black.
outfit by Victoria Beckham. great choice! haha.

rihanna.dont like her outfit. and the hair.
still prefer her edgy bob hair :(

talk of the town. talk of the grammys.
talk of the everything and everywhere.

the attention grabbing poser fashion queen.
as bizzarre as her outfit (and other outfits) may be, i still think it looks good on her. there is a certain class and attitude with the way she carries herself.

soler system + antenna by Armani. and it's superrr short.
look at those heels! she walked real slow that day..and it took her minutes to get out of her limo. with much help from her secus. hehe.

she must be exhausted after the night. especially her left hand. *phew!*

imogen, who's that??!
it's a lady-gaga-wannabe flop. who wears Cotton-On looking flats to Grammys??

her little weird round thing around the neck just wasnt working. and the umbrella is a failed version of Gaga's star-shaped antenna. major failure!

not much drama on the red carpet.
gonna have a long night ahead. CWPM, leaders meeting, HTV.

update again tmr!

love, careen.


  1. the only intereting part maybe is how lady gaga gonna sit with her dress like that.

  2. haha yeah man! looks like it's made of bendable rubber or somethin. crazy outfit!

  3. taylor swift <3 ! hahaha. and gaga is so attention seeker man. like everytime.

  4. yeeah man! i think a lot of ppl cant stand her. it's either we love her, or hate her. hehe.

    yeah taylor swift..pretty..but do u like her dress? looks abit too big for me...


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