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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

CNY Photoshoot- My Favourites

Got the photos from the photographers today.
beautiful pics :)

Here are some of my favourite among the lot.

Photos by Shin Chan.

love it that he inserts my Tweets and Blog Contents into the album. he must have done some research! scroll down the pics and you might see some familiar lines :)

my mummy loves this.

superbly nice :)
man, i look tall! :P

a peek-a-boo shot.
maybe i just can't fake a peek-a-boo shot :/

my hair looks black here.
i've multi-colored reflective hair!

this is my favourite among the favourites.

Photos by TC Gan.

my legs look thin :D

man, i looked so small..haha.

love this close-up :)

a picture taken while i was resting, just before we wrapped up.

so much Chinese New Year feel..can't wait for CNY :)
i know i said it a lot of times but, nvm :D

nothing much to update, except that Evangeline is looking more and more like a chipmunk by the day (considering the number of times she watches the DVD!), so tiny, head full of hair, and fat cheeks! i love her!

oh, oh, will be celebrating Valentine's Day with baby tonight :)
First day of CNY on Valentine's-deaammn!
*reminds self*
Everyday is Valentine's :)
love, careen.


  1. Wow! very nice series! You're doing good, so is the photographer! Started tagging people in FB using these pictures? ahaha!

  2. niceeeeeeee :) i love the idea of tweets in the pics too!

  3. Wow. LOVE the pics Careen. Have a fantastic CNY and Valentine's Day! =)

  4. [buttercup] thanks there! nope, didnt tag anybody :)

    [vvens] hey babe..thanks! yeah i love it too :)

    [michelle] thanks mich! you too!

    [victor] :)


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