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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Chinese New Year Photoshoot

Chinese New Year
is just 5 days away *gasp how time flies*,
so be happy and anticipate getting inflated once again! :P

am already mentally prepared that i'll put on some kilos *ahem*.
heard that my gramma purchased more than a thousand's worth of abalone, shark's fin, scallops, etc etc etc. the kilos are worth!

i used to be more excited about receiving AngPows (red packets which contain money) when i was younger. But now, i couldn't care as much (i still do...i'll admit. hehe). i'm only thinking about the chilling and lazing around, snacking and pigging out.

bakua, pineapple tarts, peanut butter cookies, mandrin oranges, carbonated drinks...

i might need to detox after Chinese New Year. hehee :P

anyways, the photos of the Chinese New Year shoot with Shin Chan and TC Gan on Sunday are already up on Facebook since yesterday. so efficient!

the shoot was only an hour plus, in Thean Hou Temple, KL. thanks to the photogs who knew very well what they wanted, what to do, and how to instruct. very swift..had to keep up!

and of course, my baby who was there with me throughout :') *muax*

the shoot was something new and different for me.

my first time shooting in a temple, and it's such a colorful shoot. had to endure the scorching hot Sunday weather (did you notice that Sundays are especially hotter?), climb up and down the uncountable flights of staircase, etc.

it was a good experience :)
will post up more photos once i get it from the photogs.


something very random.

was reading I Call it Art (read!) when i came across FashionToast,
and came across this picture.

don't you just love this picture?
simple yet artsy.

and best of all, look at what the model's wearing.

tiny white dress!!!!

no wait, tiny white lacey dress!!!

and wait, wait! tiny white lacey dress with heels to kill for!!!

okay, guess i annoyed you enough :P

Happy Chinese New Year in advance!! :D

love, careen.


  1. anyway, gooday from Melbourne xD

  2. Fashion Toast is AWESUM ain't it? =D And I LOVE the CNY shots! What are they for actually?

  3. [vic] hey, thanks! what ru doing in melb? :)

    [erin] yes it is babe! the cny shots are just for fun..hehe :) thanks lots!


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