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Friday, January 22, 2010

The Wedding Guide

my mirror is so vintage. time to clean all the dust away! her eyes :)

The Wedding Guide

not by me, of course.

check this out!

it's a site set up by our local super gorgeous model Stephanie Chai.
and i think it's pretty interesting :)

there's this section entitled 'How to choose your bridal gown' based on 4 different body shapes.

and i still cant figure out which category i belong to.

i'm definitely not the Apple nor the Pear.
and i'm not straight enough to be a Banana,
neither am i curvy enough to be the Hourglass =.="

and the wedding gown examples on the site are not really gowns that i would choose for my wedding day. there has always been this hype about Vera Wang gowns, and i found that they don't really suit my taste too..most of them are towards the contemptorary style, and i don't really fancy contemporary.

actually i realised that i am very very picky in my dressing.
and even more so with wedding gowns. i mean, hello? wedding gowns are once in a lifetime. nobody would wanna look back at their wedding photos and cry at how hideous and unsuitable their gowns were right?

this is definitely too fairy tale to be true. it's so classic and beautiful...but not something i'd choose. or something i can. so out of this world!

i remember that day when i was sitting at a bookstore with cheryl looking thru Female Brides magazine (though she claimed that i was the only one actually browsing thru. haha).

i found it hard to come across any that i liked. as for cheryl it was very simple, she wanted the Enchanted style..the puffy cinderella ballroom style. for me, there are just so many no-nos.

not too contemporary.
not too many layers.
it's actually nice..the top part, but the bottom just looks like it might go out of trend soon.
this is nice too. the color is.
but don't like the bottom side crumple/gather.
this is too Taylor Swift-ty. so not me.
and it's too white-washed white. i want milky white.
no no no mermaid style.
no mermaid + cake (the bottom) style.
no thick straps. looks too bulky at the top.
will look empty if not enough boobs to fill in.
this is a vera wang. not bad.
but too simple, some more got pockets. and looks pregnant-ish.
no no act cute mermaid + cake style.
no halter. want a tube dress.
no pamela wedding gown style.
this is vera wang too.
don't like black details on wedding gown. the dress looks flat (maybe bcos model is), and don't like the bottom front rose. looks difficult to walk in.

the color is nice. gown looks comfy.
but no mermaid style!

this is way too simple.
a little diamond or lace detailing would be nice.

this is to hide baby bumps with the big bow.
too straight cut..doesn't bring out the body shape at all.

the top is beautiful.
but the bottom like cake. no!

these are the few styles that i like.

love that it's simple. not too much details.
though it's a little mermaid-ish.
this is awesomely elegant.
though the whole gown spells expensive.
this is nice. simple and clean :)
the model is young and pretty.
i don't mind having a lacey gown too.
but this is too white for my liking. a little more milky would be nice :)this, is nice. super nice :)
though model looks sleepy.

this is nice too.
fairy tale dress..a little too white though.

okay, guess i roughly know what i want.

a simple milky white tube dress that fits just nice on the top and flows down nicely :)

okay, looking at wedding dresses may be a little random for now, but girls just like to look at wedding gowns just like how they like to look at clothes, shoes and bags. so no biggie!

disclaimer: this is not a post to hint on any marriage issue.

warning: do not start persecuting boon. haha!

love, careen.


  1. HAHA i really tot you're getting marry that's why you post up this :P

  2. that's really SOME review of those gowns girl! interestingly i agree with u in most of ur opinions. good choices ;)

  3. [loveen] "like"the cake dress right? hehehe

    [prisc] no!! not so soon my dear :)

    [evo] haha thanks!! :))

  4. I think you mean SJP, not SPJ haha.

    And you're hourglass figure my dear. Hourglass doesn't necessarily mean big boobs. It meeans your breasts and hips and waist are in proportion and have an hourglass shape. =)

  5. hahahahah typo!!

    owh i see..owh i'm hourglass! just like you! probably the more petite version. hehe..miss you!


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