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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Victorian Hairdo

good hair days.

not today though. had a series of weird dreams, woke up throat still as bad, hair desperate for treatment, and therefore it is now soaked in hair treatment product.

the reason for hair treatment is simple. my crowning glory has undergone a series of hard labour. backcombing, spray, curls, pin-ups, etc etc from Sunday's Hair Ministry Hairshow and Monday's photoshoot for Sisters Magazine.
this is what i find funny.

on Sunday right after the Hairshow, boon immediately sent me to wash my hair. but due to the HUGE victorian hairdo (pictures below), i needed more manpower than anybody else.




haha no wonder they had to charge me more than usual..
i took away three of their stylists' time'!

and no one has been rougher with my hair than the super swift, but also super rough hair stylist for Sisters Mag shoot :( :(

no pics from the shoot cos i left my cam at home.
but pics of the hairshow!

the Victorian Hairdo.

huge! now you know why i needed 3 stylists
to help me un-backcomb, remove pins, and comb my hair.

super nice!

it could act as my pillow too ;)

i have never worn that skirt before!
always can't find the right time to wear it.

mei ling, varsha and i.

mei ling and i.

model group pics.

Jeffrey- the mastermind behind the Victorian hairdo

albert's blonde moment. hehe.

the official photog..for me :D
*sniff sniff cough cough*
blame the weather! need lots of rest :(
till then!
*group hugs*
love, careen.

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