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Monday, January 4, 2010

till Jan the fourth

hello loves!
am back after...3 days.
haha i know i said i'll try to blog everyday..but have been so busy can barely sit down and use the comp peacefully.

besides, blogging after 3 days is a huge improvement from blogging only once a month! ;) one step at a time..haha!

Jan 1st:

went for a mini family vacation to Eagle Ranch, PD.
it sounded like a really nice cowboy town. well, it was.

the only setback was that the soil was too muddy for any humans to gracefully walk on. and also the super strong old wood smell in the rooms. and also the spoilt heater button. and loveen's smelly bedsheets & blanket (see, i stand up for u sis. haha). and the number of flies-invasion. and the inability to find edible food (except ramli burger which i dont fancy). and the expensive activities (flying fox, paintball, horse-riding, convenience store!!!)

but besides all that, i did enjoy the fact that the place is quite creatively set-up.

everyone lived in wagons like the above. pretty cool :)

me and my adorable and loving gramma.
she's recovered so much :)
by the beach. and i didnt even touch the sand! haha.
my ahma's standard smile. hehe :)
since there was nothing much to do at night, the two (three plus loveen who took the pics) restless sisters decided to relive their childhood by playing Speed.

not nice at all! i lost in every round!

beautiful Evangeline all grown up.
she greets me "da jie!" each time i come home :)
she enjoyed all the running about :)

Jan 2nd:

Paul & Dinah's wedding!

without Paul, i wouldnt have met boon.
without Dinah, i wouldnt have had such a happy friend :)

congrats to you both! your wedding was beautiful :)

boon's beer glass. haha super cool!

love this one :)
taken by Jo..miss u! reply me more often! haha.

Jan 3rd:

church-manicure-sunway lagoon night park

i really enjoyed this day dear.
spent the ENTIRE day with you. i always love that :)

Jan 4th:

first time being in a TVC as a hand talent.
never knew my hands (which i have barely really cared for. yes, no hand cream/lotion or even manicures prior to the shoot) can earn me money. woohoo~

and the more special thing is that i was the hand talent for a TVC which Charmaine Cheh was casted in :)) will update on that soon.

and not forgetting, Melody my dear sis goes to primary school for the first time today!

my family was so excited asking her questions about
how many new friends she made,
how was the food in canteen,
and whether her bag is heavy.

1) she made more than 1o friends (she said that specifically. haha)
2) she had nasi lemak (non-spicy, and she never knew it's so ncie)
3) the bag is freaking heavy.

this is only the fourth day of the brand new year, and life has already been so exciting and eventful. surely greater things are in store for me! so excited! :)

*group hugs*

love, careen.

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