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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Shell FuelSave Raodshow + Modelle's Beauty 20 Shoot

hello i'm back! haha it's been such a lazy-easy-breezy day, and the rain in the afternoon didn't help. had to pick up the motivation to pen down whatever happened for the past week. my NYR you see :)

our of all the jobs i had, this Shell Roadshow that i worked at in MidValley from Wed-Sun was one of the toughest.

ok so did my PC Fair job last July which i wasnt feeling too well and had to stand for the entire day. not just that, i had to promote RM1499 the whole three days to the crazy PC Fair crowds too. haha :P

but for this one, it was 5 days. so it adds to the fatigue. had to scream to explain each station to the shoppers above the blasted sound systems, so at the end of the day, i ended up sounding like a man :)

but compared to PC fair, i enjoyed working with these people more. everyone has such different personalities, yet we could jell up so well :)

this is my most sampat friend on earth, hooi ting. had all our breaks tgthr, and at the end of the day, i miss her lots :( but since she stays nearby, we'll hang out regularly :)

this is the station where some "drama" happened. haha.

with Sue. the sweetest :)
fish in the middle :P

the girls with Sugan the DJ. really really nice guy.

with Celine, my other red-head friend, and Winnie on the right.
hooi ting, stone and i.

my station.
i can close my eyes and recite the explainations in my deepest sleep.

MODELLE'S Beauty 20

am really surprised that i'm still in, considering the fact that i've stopped asking for friends to vote for me. find it super awkward when i have to ask for votes. in the end i just decided to let fate decide.

and i'm still in! had the best photoshoot yet. the photog, art director and Sabrina were really pleased, and finished my part in less than 10mins :)

theme: Music (pop, hippie look, etc.)
location: Heritage Hotel, KL.

don't have any behind the scenes pics cos darling had to work and paiseh to ask ppl take pics for me. so only camho pics for rememberance. for now :)

had the coolest combination ever.
covered from head (fedora) to toes (torn leggings and knee high boots).
the pink fedora everyone loved.
i always prefer to have a photoshoot with "safer" clothes. gives me more liberty to be more daring with my poses, without having to worry abt "zhao gong".

the super hardcore boots.
loveee the legging! so nicely designed :)
in the cab on the way to meet baby in KLCC.
had a good chat with the cab driver. so rare to be able to meet nice cab drivers.
in the LRT :)

gonna catch up on my GG now. super outdated already!

love, careen.


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVEEEEE your boooots :)

  2. yes! love them! though they were in size 8. i'm size 5. hahaha :P


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