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Friday, January 1, 2010

NYR: Blog more!

Amongst the many (well, not too many this year, considering the fact that the more NYR you make, the more you're not likely not fulfill all of them well. at least for my case) New Year Resolutions for the sunshine 2010,

one of them is to blog more.

yes, i can sorta sense you guys nodding in agreement.

if you take a scroll down the page, on the right side where the previous posts are, you can see that my blog can get as pathetic as 5 posts per month, or worse still, 1 post in a month.

had been a busybee for the past year, therefore, one of my goals this year is to slow down, and really cherish everything and eveyone i have around me. and that includes the wonderful cyberspace.

this is melody's fav photo of me..though i feel that my hair looks kinda flat here.

gonna be spending one night by the beach with the family.
what a great way to start the year :)

better things are ahead i'm sure! excited for 2010!
*group hugs

love, careen.


  1. Happy New Year Careen !
    and YES BLOG MORE !

  2. 1 blog per month?, sounds like a plan..
    that's why I posted once a month, Haha!
    Happy new Year!


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