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Saturday, January 23, 2010

New Lappie + Tenji

am blogging from my brand new lappie!
waited for her arrival for so long (weeks!) and it's finally here :D
love that it's white, and very very light! :D
melody said it feels like carrying a tiny baby. hehe.

Windows 7 is so convenient. baby spent the entire night yesterday helping me to setup stuff (not sure what :P), download stuff, organize stuff, transfer stuff from his hard disc, etc etc.

he's just amazingly amazing, isn't he? :)
the Tenji promotion ends on Jan31!
google it!

went with boon the other day, didn't take many pics as we were too engrossed with eating and getting more food from the counters. jap food is the best!

and tomorrow, i'll be rewarding myself after a long day (actually not that long, church service then hair show with Jeff) for some salmon and oysters :D

will be going with the subzone!! :D

not all of em though. but am sure we'll have a great time :)
baby won't be joining me, because he'll be having a durian fest instead :( ewww durians!
can't wait can't wait :)going for a casting then date tonight.

life's great!
have a wonderful weekend :)
*group hugs*
love, careen.

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