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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New experience: French Manicure

Christmas is sadly long over, and the new year has newly arrived.
so that means the Chinese New Year will not be too long after this!

one thing is love about Msia:
so many festivals and holidays. excuses to take a break and pig out :)

me and dear with the Christmas lights which will soon be taken down.
malls nowadays are having Christmas decos while playing CNY songs. so confusing!

anyway, one of my many NYRs last year, which i am bringing forward this year too, is that i wanna gather new experiences before i grow old/older :)

for those of you who are close enough to me would know how i'd been talking and talking about getting a new hair color/manicure/pedicure/going for spa & facial sessions/etc.

yes, yours truly has many wishes and things-to-do, but achieving these things proved to take me quite a while. it would be time problem, money problem, or just plainly, laziness. hehe.

but God is truly amazing. like, really.

for my new hair color, it came when my dear stylist friend, Lex needed models who'd never colored/done anything permanent to their hair for his graduation hairshow. and so, yours truly got a new hair color which she loves (and the bf too, more importantly) absolutely for free (i love free things. i'm a msian!), plus all year round free treatment/hair color/cuts :D

for this time around, Delv randomly asked me and several other girls to snap pics of our hands and send to him for a TVC as a hand talent.

Gladys took a few cincai pics of my hands outside my house the moment we got back from PD the same day, and immediately sent to Delv.

my hands apparently were nice enough/with not much wrinkles/no birthmarks/no manly fingers (according to Delv)/and no moles got selected to be the hand talent for the TVC.

and hence, the french manicure :)
the best part is, it was fully paid for! did i mention i'm a Msian? haha.

my beloved was my official photog for my first manicure experience.
he documented everything so well. thanks darling you're the best photographer in the world :))

the entire manicure session sent me some mixed feelings:

1) i never knew that manicure can be so satisfying! :)
2) i never knew that my nails needed so much care.. :/
3) i never was a good nail-owner! :(

the nails & hands that earned me money. who would've thought?

i've since started to love my nails more than ever before. hehe :P

this is a very blur face which my baby captured.
but i like :D

loved the hand massage.

haha that pic showed clearly how satisfied i felt :D

i took notice of my hands and nails way more than i ever did for my entire 20 years. and plus, i didn't even know what 'base coat' was!

apparently base coat is a layer of liquid which prevents nail colors from sipping into and spoiling the nails. and i never used base coats or even heard about them before. imagine the horror when i found out from the manicurist! *gasps*

sigh. wonder if i were the only ignorant one?

therefore, caring for my nails & hands & various parts of my body which i've been ignoring for all my life will be added to my many NYRs :D

God works in wonderous ways :)

gtg peeps!
*group hugs*

love, careen.


  1. SIAL! Delvin never find me! my fingers are very nice okay. Im so small size but my fingers very long. CIU! the delvin. So not brother lah him! :(:(:(:(

  2. Hahahahah so cute la u... Dunno wad base coat is. I like ur hands. Very nicely shaped. ^^

  3. [fib] haha fibs, chill! dont be so angry..he was on a tight schedule so couldnt get to everyone i guess :) it's ok! some other time :)

    [erin] hahahah yea...*shy* so ignorant about beauty stuff! a lot to learn from u. and thanks dear :)

    [tasya] boooo! what's up, best friend?? :D


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