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Thursday, January 7, 2010

My blog in 40 years

Warning: Post ahead is filled with many self-adoration photos which the owner/photographer/model took when she was waiting for her date with her gf last night. apparently she got ready way earlier to have captured so many!

what better time to camho when you're all made-up, dressed up and pretty, have a good hair day, and feeling pretty, and vain, and have lots of time to spare.
instead of sitting on my bed and wait, i made a decision to be make full use of my time. and indeed, it was fruitfully spent. these pics will be in my pic collection :)
okay, some pictures might look the same but they're not. every pic is diff, it's just that they're all taken in the same angle. ahhahaha lazy to change pose la..some more the light was at that direction. hehe.
i love all the pics :)
not much editing needed to be done. it's just that i'm super free and wuliao, and have repented being a lazy blogger who only posts up a pic a day w/o editing or whatsoever.

hence, the difference in color as well as the nice frame i added :)

you know, when i was editing these pics (okay it took me a long while to edit these few pics since i'm not very tech savvy), i thought about 40 years later.

40 years later means that i would be 61 years old.
what if i blog every single day, keep camhoring and posting photos on FB and my blog, and have a complete archieve of 365 days every year? that would be (okay lazy to count) a lot a lot of blog posts! and pictures! :D

okay, that's not the point.
the point is, imagine. 40 yrs down the road, 61 yrs of age. when i look back at let's say, my blog post today..filled with pics of a girl 40 yrs back when she was still beautifully 21,

how would i be feeling?
would i feel happy that i was ONCE beautiful and young,
or would i feel self-pity cos i am old and wrinkley?

how do you think you would feel?

old and wrinkley sounds scary.
not so scary to look, but more on to touch. considering the fact that i am sorta phobic towards animals with wrinkley skin. and fur. and feathers. basically just anything not like average human beings.

not that i choose not to be accepting and love animals and bizzare things, but i'm just like that.

BUT i love my gramma kay..dont get me wrong!
i can touch wrinkley skin no problem. it's just that i won't purposely do it. hehe.

i particularly *heart* this pic!
love that i edited it in pink-purple, and that it shows my carefully drawn eyeliner.

love it when my makeup looks right and nice :)
i'm sure every girl has that feeling. it's just like how guys succeed in killing zombies in L4D2. or how guys manage to fix and color a Gundam model all by himself.

it's a feeling of achievement or something of that sort. like i'm such an artist :)
maybe guys will never understand. thankfully my baby does :)
i actually accidentally deleted a few pics while filling in the captions in this post, and am lazy to re-upload. but let's just make do with these few pics :)

i wonder if my future white beauty would have enough space for all my camhopics. haha!! let's hope :)

even baby can feel that i'm feeling very manja today. hmmm...
so if this post, it's pics (please don't) or it's captions disgust you a bit, i'm sorry.

it's just one of those happy, easy-breezy days that you love how you are more than ever :)

love, careen.


  1. I'm sure it'd still be a joy to look back 40 yrs later and reflect on all this pix .. xD

  2. haha i sure hope so! maybe mixed feelings..haha


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