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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Modelle's Beauty 30 Pics

these are the Modelle's Beauty 30 pics.
don't think i posted them on my blog before. so here goes! :)

theme: Breakfast in Boudoir.
location: some studio in Sunway.

photographer: Javad Tizmaghz
art directors: Nalinder Manoharan & Sabrina Loh

haha i looked like a fleeting ghost with no legs.

i really like this one. looked as if it was so full of emotions.
sisterly emotions or lesbo emotions. up to u to intepret ;) natasha looked gorgeous!

never thought i would end up in the Top20, considering all the girls are super gorgeous. now that i've come this far, it makes me wanna win it more and more.

and i need your votes to win.
i dont wanna beg for votes. but if you so happen feel like shooting out SMSes for nothing,

do type:


and send to 36660 :)

more pics in Modelle Magazine.
available at RM7 in most major bookstores :)

the boyf is now in the East Msia for some meeting. have been having him around for quite a long time without travelling about, and am starting to feel abit unused to it now.

his travelling will start soon, even more after CNY. so i had better get used to it :)

here! arrived at the boyf's place. will open it tgthr on friday once he's back :) being the tech-unsavvy me, if i get the new comp, i'll most probably just open it, and start going online only.

but if my baby opens it with me, i know he will install all sorts of programmes, anti-virus softwares, photo editing softwares, and transfer music, pics and movies in so that i can have a more properly "equipped" comp.

isn't he just sweet? :)

just came back after lunchie with Esther & Paul. thanks Esther for the wonderful (and expensive) lunch! had a good catch-up.

love hols. get to catch up with friends whom we dont get to meet when we're busy. more people to catch up with til march 1! :)

am a happy girl these days. everything's good :)
hope it's the same for you :)

love, careen.

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