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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Job Scope: Intimate Relationship

applied for a Female Usher/Usherer job: RM150/day yesterday night.

got a reply today and this is what i got:

(click to enlarge)

this is the second time i encounter crap like this, and it truly sickens me!

intimate relationship for 1-2 hours for ONLY RM150? how more degrading can it get??

some more still need to confirm, list me down and inform me a week before. need one week prior to that for what? waxing ar??

that's why girls, be careful. sick and stupid human beings are all around.

yes, i didn't censor the e-mail add so girls, look out and remember the e-mail add. unless of course you ARE looking for jobs like that, then it is definitely the right e-mail add for you.



  1. OMG?!!! wth. can I slap them?!! =.-!!

  2. wahahahhahahahahahha they mess with the wrong person

    do be careful with asia part time usherer job mostly need this sort of thing...

    anyway ure a smart girl i dun have to worry bout:) take care

  3. That is disgusting. Degrading too.

  4. yeaps!!!!!

    [tasya] thanks babe :)


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