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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Goodbye Jan.

31 Jan 2010, Sunday.

ONE month has passed in the new year.

feels like it was just yesterday that we celebrated the New Year's Eve @ Vincent's..overlooking fireworks from all over Klang Valley.

31 days have gone fast, so super fast.

i think each year moves by faster and faster, regardless of the commitments we have. i've been on holiday since last Dec, yet time still passes so fast to me. maybe i'm just a person who will somehow get myself busy with something...anything. hehe.

but in these 31 days, i won't say that it was not fruitful.

i spent more time at home, with my family.
i spent more time at Toni & Guy, to color, cut, etc. haha which means more LRT trips with baby to and from KL :)

i spent more time with my CG members. eat outs, outings, hang outs.
i spent more time sleeping, napping. which leaves my skin baby smooth. i'm serious..napping is the best facial treatment! wake up early, but nap :)
i spent more time blogging. *nyek-nyek* and i'm so happy about it :D
i spent more time seeing baby..not many "dates", but a lot of seeing each other due to Dance Ministry, Leaders Meeting, Prayer Meeting, CG, church services. see why it's awesome to be involved in each others' lives? :)
i spent more time working. more than ever. God is really blessing me with flexible, random jobs. jobs that blesses me so much with the ppl i work with, ppl i meet, experiences i get. these are the experiences u'll get only when ur young :)
and many, many more.... :)

baby was telling me the other day on how proud he is of me that i have achieved so much in such a short time during my holidays.

though i don't "feel" like i did, because i don't feel too hectic throughout the month. but in the little things that i do, the experiences mean a lot.

it's been a great month. hope it is for u as well :)

great start for the year!
now moving on to the Fab FEB :)
love, careen.

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  1. time flied super fast indeed, but let us enjoy every moment of it nice & slowly ;)


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