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Friday, January 29, 2010

Discover Malaysia Property

Property investment is probably one of the wisest choices anyone can make.
or should make :)

With the people around me constantly talking about looking for good properties to invest in, with friends getting married and buying houses, with dad considering to move, and with Boon also scouting for houses; I, who once had no idea or interest in properties have found myself getting more aware and interested.

However, looking for good properties to invest in is not an easy chore at all. With so many choices available at so many different locations and rates, and so little time that we, urbanites have in hand, travelling about to scout for properties everywhere is almost an impossible task.

Fret not, though! Now, with the existence of the Internet and Malaysia Property (check it out!) posted online, you can now browse for the latest and trendiest Malaysian properties in the comfort of your own home!

The site is Malaysia's Largest FREE property resources website with over 600 property articles and 10, 000 high quality, breathtaking photos!

these are some of the beautiful photos of the properties featured in the site.

Dua Residency KLCC

now, who wouldn't love one like that? ;)

Idaman Residences KLCC

double-story condominium. *hearts*

Suria Stonor, KLCC

Zehn Bukit Pantai, Bangsar

super nice pool...

and even office buildings too!

Empire Subang

These are just some of the places featured in Klang Valley.
You can also find properties of other States such as Johor, Penang, Negeri Sembilan, etc.

Apart from all the beautiful pictures and detailed analysis of the property layouts, facilities and many more, the site also provides a Q&A section where your questions about property can be answered.

What i find great about the site is that it is absolutely FREE (Don't we Malaysians love FREE stuff?)! And that includes advertising your properties for sale in the Classified section of the website.You get to post up photos, provide details about your property and also state the rates all for FREE! Great stuff!

Even if you're yet to be interested or able to invest in properties (maybe still a student, just like me), browsing through the Photos section can help you create a picture in your mind on how you want your future dream home to be!

Besides, it also motivates us to study harder to one day own a property :D

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