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Friday, January 29, 2010

Dewar's Golf Tournament

worked for Dewar's Golf Tournament the whole day yesterday.
though it was a long-hour, whole day job, it wasn't as tiring as the Shell job.

i think nothing can beat the Shell job.

anyways, that's besides the point.

camho pic in the car.

i think i should have a camho-pics-in-the-car collection. hehe. always the same position cos that's like, my fixed seat.

also wanna thank my daddy & mummy for bringing me all the way to KLGCC early early in the morning :) i have my parents to thank for ALWAYS being so willing and sacrificial, fetching me everywhere without complaints :) *muax*

the 12 girls.

some of them are just so cute. so Audrey-4feet9-cute. i felt so totally uncute compared to them..they're like, grey-teary-eyed cute. with the cute hairstyle. with cute HPs. with cute height. i mean tiny-ly cute. so cute...

the wonderful KLGCC locker room.
you practically can just strip there and then and go shower.

whatever u need is there.
cotton buds, cotton pads, talcom powder, combs, hair-dryers, body lotions, etc.

outfit for work:
some golf shirt and some white skirt.

and that's the scan card for our lockers. no more using keys.

see what i mean by cute?
especially Tania on the right. she even has a cute name!

Careen doesn't sound cute. it's not a cute name.

i should probably be named Princess, or Baby.
like Angelababy. if i name myself Careenbaby will you all puke?
*hear pukes from afar*

okay okay fine..will not change my name then :(

after much camhoring, sitting around, resting in the locker room, we went for our short briefing. then went to do some registration work, then lunch.

this is our lunch.
it's the most amazing work provided lunch ever.

then, off to the golf course!
very very hot day. don't be fooled by the pics.

luckily i was stationed together with Sue Hsia.
can't imagine entertaining all the half-drunk golfers alone.

entertain = don't get the wrong idea.

this is our make-do station. shelter still under construction.
whisky with coke, soda or water?

had so many funny experiences while working.
some of the golfers are really funny.

sunset, went back to the locker to have a shower.
this is definitely the first job that i shower while working, so amazing!

the beautiful golf course.

heard from the golfers that it is rather exclusive.
Malasysian Open will be held there in March :)

after shower, had dinner which we chose for ourselves.

did i mention it was an awesome job? :)

after work, met up with the cell group, and ate again :D
now i'm gonna shower, off to Pavillion and eat again.

hahaha don't get me life's not all about showering and eating okay :P

update again soon!
*group hug*

p/s: mum said i should really go get a keypad protector for fear that the letters will be destroyed by my long nails. haha :P

love, careen.

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  1. Hey gal..

    R u interested to work for an upcoming golf tournament? If yes, please contact me at 0123235141 or check the details on asia part time..




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