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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Careen Confession: Incredible Ignorance

i have a confession to make.
most people do not know this, and even i just came to find out recently that,

i am actually pretty ignorant. in fact, incredibly ignorant.

maybe it is because of busyness that i am not able to update myself with the latest happenings around me, maybe it is because i seldom read the papers nowadays (i used to read every single page of The Star few years back. yes, few years back.), or maybe because of my laziness that i am ignorant.

why do i say so?

we'll start from the most basic.

1. Pumping Petrol

i don't know how to pump the petrol =.="

am so protected and pampered by the two men in my life, that i dont drive, and thus, not needing to learn how to pump the petrol.

i know very well that it is not an excuse at all because my sister Gladys knows how to pump the petrol, and she havent even gotten her Undang yet.

and recently i worked for the Shell Roadshow, i was sometimes in charged of a station where i needed to calculate how much the crowd spends on petrol a year with the Excelsheet.

it is only then when i realised that i didnt even know of the current price of a litre of petrol.

i used to be quite updated about stuff like that cos i read the papers a lot. the petrol prices kept changing and maybe that's the reason why i stopped keeping track, since i don't drive anyway.

and after the Shell Roadshow i learned that the normal petrol costs RM1.80, and the U97/V-power costs RM2.05 =.="


2. Avatar

like, i know right?
like, how can ANYBODY not know what Avatar is about??
no no, how can ANYBODY not watch Avatar??

well, i didn't.
probably it was due to busyness that season.
probably it is simply because i am not interested enough to watch.

i am very much driven by my own conviction to do things. and i wouldn't watch a movie simply because there's a hype about it. that includes not watching Twillight sequels, Lord of the Rings sequels, Harry Potter sequals, Iron Man, Transformers. just anything everyone is hyped up for..especially action-based movies.

is it considered ignorance too? maybe not. but just so you know.

3. Rais Yatim

like, who the hell is he??

seriously, if not for twitter & FB, i wouldn't know who he is (what an irony).
if not for Wikipedia, i wouldn't know what an important position he holds in our country.

i am so unfit to become a Mass Comm student! stone me!!

blame me not reading the papers. i actually just found out about all the crap about him last night. can u freaking believe it?? i couldn't even believe myself.

i know Malaysian politics is not exactly my interest, but still, i should at least know. or heard about it.

p/s: btw, i do think he looks cute. cute old man. like the one in Austin powers :D

4. Haiti Earthquake

*jeng jeng jeng*

get ready for the shock of your life.

i didn't know about the Haiti earthquake =.="

yes i know i deserve to be stoned!
when the news was buzzing about, i was promoting Shell petrol in Mid Valley.
but the time i got home, i only had the energy to walk to my bedroom to sleep. and the cycle continues all the way until Sunday.

i felt so bad for not knowing at all.
i'm depressed. i need to repent :(

i'm buying the papers (or at least read news online) frequently from now on i'm so serious!!!


  1. ...and i thought i was the only one. >.<

  2. Careen, now that you know already, nevermind lo :) Oh ya, the whole blogosphere and Twitter is famous of that Rais Yatim comment. xD

  3. this would always be a good start. :)

  4. [the mizz eve] i thought i was the only one too! haha :)

    [victor] yeah..and i just found out! hahah

    [boon] okies darling :))


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