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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Boys & Toys

i really really really super duper love this pic.
and it's completely not edited. lighting not adjusted, not cropped and all bcos my new lappie is not install with all the new editing softwares yet.

wonders of camhoring under the sunlight :)

love snowflakes! pearl touhua series is addictive!

baby bought two gundam models the other day :)
love it when he rewards himself with something he likes.

they all still look the same to me.

i calculated before, and i think he has close to 30, or more with his latest addition to his gundam collection. all shapes and sizes. hehe.

sometimes i feel he loves his gundam models more than me....
nola, just kidding. where got.... ;)

the small one :)

the interesting thing about gundam models is that it doesn't come fixed like this. you'll have to cut, and join, and fix, tiny bits and pieces, etc etc. things i can not and probably will not be able to figure out.

what i find amazing is this.

no matter how old a guy gets, he still loves toys. but the only thing is that their choices of toys change la (though some still stays the same), like from toy cars to real cars, from ready made robots to FIY-fix-it-yourself models, from toy phones to gadgets, you know what i mean.

the moment i went into the gundam store, i found myself a strategic slot which wasn't occupied by boxes of gundams and conveniently slotted my butt in, because i know that i was in a place of unknown. wah so mysterious meh...haha.

and i saw the people who walked in and out. just like girls while window shopping, though at times we don't intend to buy something, but just by entering into a shop to look and touch and feel the stuff, we'll walk out a much happier person.

apparently it works the same for guys too. correct me if i'm wrong, but based on my observation that night, the guys walked in as if they walked into an amusement park, or as if a reader walked into a bookstore. i noticed smiles of satisfaction everywhere (esp from this particular guy who just stood there, gazed at the wondeful boxes of gundams, and smiled to himself).

and i find that it is a rather interesting and cute thing :)

girls will be girls,

and probably it works the same for guys too?


  1. Gundams can be as expensive as a dress with a designer's label. One of it is the PF (Perfect Grade) Gundam which may costs around RM1k for one model.

    Maybe someday you can help Boon out in fixing his Gundam :)

  2. haha he'll probably have a hard time coaching me! haha yeah gundams are expensive toys you like gundam models too? :)

  3. Well, just find it kinda cool to own one someday. Gotta find the right time with the right mood to spend da money haha. Nahh, it's like fixing a puzzle. Follow the instructions and you're good to go girl. :)

    Come to think of it, I dun think I'm with the title "Boys with toys" since I don't have any toys to play with. Maybe in the near future, my toys would be into car modifications.

  4. haha cool..but i guess the instruction are not that easy to follow. and i don't have interest too, sadly. hehe :P


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