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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Anticipation: The White Beauty

G'day! And Happy New Year once again!
haha! as Faith said, as long as it is still in Jan, the 'Happy New Year' wish is still valid :)

okay let me cut straight to the point of my blog post today.

i am getting a brand new lappie in a week's time!! :DDDDD
omgosh it's been a while since i last felt like an excited child anticipating the arrival of her new toy :))
Dell Inspiron 13. i think?
haha have not been a tech-savvy, so i am always not fully sure about the models of phones, comps, etc. but i remember it is Dell Inspiron 13 :) hehe.

am anticipating the moment baby carries my white lappie into my house door (the lappie will be sent to his house first).

baby knows i have the hots for white stuff, so he ordered a white one for me without hesitation :) *muax*

i have very simple requirements for my lappie:

1) Can check mails, FB, blog, Youtube, edit pics, and other normal stuff i do

i am so predictable sometimes. and normal. and easily satisfied.

2) Can store lots of seasons of GG, Desp Housewives, ANTMs, Chick Flicks..

those are MUSTS. not a big fan of storing music/songs in my comp. probably bcos i love to use the comp peacefully without distractions. that is why my comp is ALWAYS on mute. hehe.

3) Can webcam (clearly)

it has switched from being a want to a need. a real necessity as dear will be travelling for work a lot for this year starting Feb. so the best way to stay in touch (or in view..haha) is Skyping :)

hmmm dreading the season when baby travels. but trying to stay positive and calm about it so nobody should pity me or comfort or console me ok! unless i start to emo...hehe

4) Can be carried about easily

(in other words= very very light)

i have tried carrying baby's Dell Studio around college and it has caused excessive muscular growth on my right arm. haha okay not that serious, but it is quite a torture to carry a heavy lappie around. especially when i have to carry my own heavy bag with water bottle, makeup case *ahem*, purse, notebook, and many more other crap.

5) Can cause me to love doing assignments

(in other words= very nice and attractive looking)

i am so serious here.
statistics have proven that a nice looking computer can cause a person to excel in their workplace and studies. this is because it captures its users' attention, and gives them the energy and motivation to keep using the comp. it also keeps its users concentrated and causes longer attention span.

therefore, a nice, white, not so heavy, and not so big lappie can help me to love doing assignments. even at times when i feel frustrated at all the pointless assignments thrown at us poor undergrads, i would feel better, more relaxed and calmed down if i just sit back, reflect and admire the beauty of the comp :)

okay all of the above are fictional :P hahahahahah! but not entirely untrue! i bet some of u already/almost bought in to that idea ;) haha i love you too!

haha i guess that's about all the requirements i have.
i am just so easy to please sometimes.

anyway, the point of the story is this:

i can't wait for the white beauty to arrive :))))

it means that:

1) you'll have a happier friend/blog owner in time to come.

2) you'll have a more consistently updated blog to read.

3) you'll have a more excellent student friend because of her nice looking lappie that stirs up an excellent spirit while doing assignments. (i still hold true to this theory of mine i just created less than 5 mins ago. hahaha)

happiness :D

p/s: thanks my dear for sharing the lappie costs with me :')

love, careen.


  1. YAYYYY i like '2) you'll have a more consistently updated blog to read.' the most! ow!

  2. hahahah i'll try to keep to my words :)) cheers!

  3. Exactly the same criteria as me! Haha!


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