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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

And the body ache gets worse!

the body ache which resulted from the non-stop (okay, altogether 4 mins break) 4-hour dance workshop with OSchool is getting worse by the day!

at first it was the back sore due to excessive arching from Reggae, then the inner thighs, then the neck cos i was standing at the front, and to look up the stage for the instructor with my height adds to the neck pain. then i had calves cramp DURING the workshop (my, i'm getting lembik...), and now, up down left right center all pain!

the only way i can comfort myself is that i'm growing muscles that's all :)
but i had so much fun during the workshop. and all the songs from their dance performance are still stuck in my head! too engrossed!!

wanna learn dance again. any type of dance..

anyways, Jonathan posted my car equipment pics taken about a month ago on FB. and trust me, i still have NO idea what a posed with.
all i know is this thing is DAMN heavy!
no idea what these things are too.
believe me, the mini little stuff on the carpet are heavy too!

this is my favourite among the three :)
just like the question mark on the product, i have NO IDEA what it was!

back to the pain, now i'm walking down the stairs like a granny. wait, my granny. holding the sides and walking down step by step. now i know her pain!

need some loveee....

p/s: sowwie bee....... *acting cute*

love, careen.


  1. Hmm..I think the first one u're posing with an ECU (Engine control unit) equipment, while the 2nd and the 3rd pic u're posing with a car speaker. My opinion la, hope I'm right :)

  2. sayang...sayang.... :) i make milo ais for you k? MILO DINO. ;) hehe...

  3. haha ..gladys and her Milo Ais Dino !!

  4. 我只知道,假如我去愛人生,那人生一定也會回愛我........................................

  5. [victor] haha i guess so? i still dont know :P

    [glad & delv] free flow milo!

  6. No worries, you'll know what it is when you are deciding on buying your own car (if you tend to be very cerewet of the car performance) haha....


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