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Friday, December 11, 2009

Sunsilk Blog to Paris Finale

the job which pays super well for a less than 1 min drama gig is finally coming to an end :(

acted with puiks for Sunsilk's Blog to Paris promo drama for 3 times now, and it's been an unforgettable experience.

cos firstly, it is a paid drama performance. it really puts extra stress on us both. secondly, it is a different crowd altogether. unlike the supportive CHC crowd, some crowds could be really unresponsive and stress us out by giving us the blur face. hehehe.

anyways, the finale was held at Rootz, Lot 10.

not being an avid clubber + a blur queen + occasional blonde moments, i had much trouble figuring out what this Rootz place is all about. after touring Lot 10 for a bit, we finally found it!

located at the rooftop. like, totally cool.
can have garden wedding here.

there were 3 of these located at the garden. still had trouble figuring out what the place is all about until i walked into it, and immediately could tell/smell that it was actually a club :/

super interesting and bizzarre interior!
but before that, pictures of me and puiks :)

and pink was the theme :)

okay back to the interior.
first spot- washroom.

yes, washroom.

muscular, semi-naked celebrities and male models were paraded all over the washroom. all different pictures can u believe it?! i spotted rain and jude law too. hahah!

and as for the gent's, the toilet was plastered with pictures of semi-naked women, bikini-clad babes, and all the other playboy stuff.

how did i know?
haha cos the blur puiks and i actually went into the gent's and mistaken it as the female washroom due to all the female pics..until we saw those cubicles. yes, how could we be so innocent.
that's puiks!

the ceiling.
it has the Gossip Girl masquerade party feeling.

dance rehearsal by urban groove.

the bar. and that's Liang, emcee for the event.

and this is the walkway/entrance to the club. super cool or super duper cool! mirrors everywhere me loveeee :D

i'm inspired.
my future bedroom shall be like this :D
kidding. suddenly my baby get heart-attack ;)

" mirrors are girls bestest friend. followed by diamonds." -careen.

had such a great 3 experiences working for Sunsilk thus far.
thanks to Puiks for intro-ing the job, and Jason for offering the job :)

gotta run!
*group hugs*

love, careen.


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