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Friday, December 18, 2009

Over Time Grand Opening

i said it before, and i'm gonna say it again.
i get jobs at the randomest basis.

got a call from Kathy from Over Time KL yesterday night,
and now i'm home after a good 5 hours plus of working as the club's
model/ambassador/promoter. i don't even know what my position was!

the newest club in the town.
known for its fresh brewed beer, Starker.

beautiful interior and exterior :)

this is my super cute uniform :)
love love love!

me and ashley :)

our job for the night was pretty simple and fun!
we arrived, got to know each other, started talking as if we've known each other forever. got changed into our cute "dutch lady" uniforms, touch up our makeup, stand at the entrance, smile for the cameras, camho, and camho some more, take pics of and with celebrities, period.

oh, not forgetting this super cool and memorable thing which was the reason both of us were hired:

to parade around Over Time building in a horse carriage!
(pics will be up once i get it from the photogs)

as you could see in the poster above, taiwanese supermodel/actress Lin Chi Ling was to officiate the grand opening.

so the horse carriage which we both sat on to usher her.
Lin Chi Ling was just right behind me. like, less than 5 feet away!
and she's soo goddessly pretty *starstruck*

quincy who looks very much like Fann Wong + Karen Kong :)
told you there were lots of camho-ing going on.

wish i could keep the uniform :D

more pics with the photogs.

so sorry for the super low quality pics..
everything was taken by my faithful ol' Sony 2MP phone :P

loved the job.
met some familiar faces, and met many new people :)

but i love the face of the one who fetched me home and supper the most ;)

Modelle's fourth photoshoot tomorrow! *excited*

beauty sleep needed. goodnight! :)
*group hug*

love, careen.


  1. I was supposed to go!! But I left P1 at 10pm, and the PR ppl said the event was over already. =( Too bad I didn't get to camho with you.

  2. ur Dutch lady look is nice...a different style from ur usual look...something fresh


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