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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Of girlfriends' day out and camho pics.

introducing the girl who knew me way before my bf did.
the girl who knew who my first crushes were (when i was stupid),
the girl who listened to many of my whines, crap, and shares a love of laming together with me.

joanne :)
and we had our girly day out today! very randomly, just shopping in Ikea, dinner at Marche's, weird tasting bubble teas (mine tasted like...ginger..?), and extremely addictive Ikea's curry puffs!!

glad that you're back after soooo long :)

have to wake up verrry early tomorrow to get ready, and go for choir practice before church. but as the saying goes, girls are emotional creatures. just suddenly yours truly feels like posting up some self-love photos that she really loveeees.

they are the times when u least expect to take nice pics.

when you're feeling tired, and lazy.

when you just get inspired out of no where.

and the pics turn out nice :)
okay goodnight!
*group hugs*
love, careen.



    surprised! hahaha u will love it la girl

  2. Lovely pics and great to have good friend for the weekend.

  3. [tasya] cool!! hahaha though i think my pic sucked. hehehe ur second blog? :)

    [irenelim] thanks girl! and yes, i agree :)


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